I Better Not Feel No Fucking Teeth... I Better Not Feel No Fucking Teeth...

I'm about to fire off an email to Fraternity X and ask them -- no beg -- for the name of the blond, hillbilly top in this gang bang scene. I love a dirty-talking top. But this guy's redneck accent and nasty mouth gets me squirming in my chair.

Cowboy has been out partying and he was hungry for dick when he got back to the dorm. Was he hungry enough for three cocks? Doesn't matter, he gets them all in his mouth and up his ass. While one guy is fucking Cowboy's ass, this nasty blond top is making the bottom suck his dick. "I'd better not feel no fucking teeth on my cock," he barks. "I'll fucking slap you." (I would have bit him just a little bit, but then I like that sort of thing.)

I can't really pick a favourite part out of this one, there were so many. But I loved seeing Cowboy on his back on the sofa. One guy is doing push-ups on his face, the other is holding Cowboy's legs in the air and drilling him hard. And my dirty blond pig is squatting of the floor, holding Cowboy's arms so he can't fight back and running his filthy mouth.

I just discovered another video with this mouthy blond (I've got to figure out his name) so I'm out of here. I've got some catching up to do.

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