Hot Jock Daydream With Santiago Figueroa Hot Jock Daydream With Santiago Figueroa

Santiago Figueroa is a hot, well-built Latino jock who has a crush on his college football team captain. Circle Jerk Boys captured him in this fantasy shoot as he imagines what it might be like to fuck with his sexy fantasy man!

Santiago has stolen a photograph of the sexy football team captain from the locker room notice board and taken it back to his dorm room. As he lies on his bed, he puts an image of himself next to the one of his fantasy man and stares at the two images side-by-side and imagines how great it would be to have sex with this hot guy. He lies back, closes his eyes, grabs his raging hard-on and strokes it as his fantasy takes shape. Soon he removes all his clothes, and starts to imagine his sexy man playing with his butt, and fingering his hole, and as his mind makes up these images, his own fingers do exactly what his fantasy man is doing to him. This is getting Santiago all hot and horny and desperate for something larger in his arsehole, so he grabs his favourite dildo and shoves it in and again imagines it is the team captain's cock that is plugging his hole. As his daydream continues, he drills his arse with the dildo as he strokes his cock until he squirts out his hot cum load all over his tight washboard abs. He lies back exhausted, and then he lazily scoops up some of his own cum and licks it off his fingers while imagining that it came from his fantasy man!

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