Hans Berlin: Hairy Muscle Daddy on Hard Brit Lads Hans Berlin: Hairy Muscle Daddy on Hard Brit Lads

Hans Berlin is a very hot, beefy muscled Daddy and in this video from Hard Brit Lads he strips naked and gets his fat uncut cock nice and hard. Then while edging himself, he shows off loads of pre-cum and when he finally shoots his hot load it sprays all over his hairy body, from his pubes right up to shoulders!

Hans Berlin is a rugged, hairy Daddy - nicely muscled, full beard, hairy chest, big fat uncut cock and a full set of balls. He strips out of his sports kit to show off his broad chest and big biceps. He strokes his cock, gently rubbing the foreskin back and forth over the head, which is moist with pre-cum. Hans loves to take his time when he jerks off - he likes to edge - bringing himself to the point of orgasm, then he stops stimulating himself, then as the sensations subside, he starts over again. Each time he reaches the point of no-return, the feelings get more and more intense - the pre-cum literally drips out of his piss-slit - making a long sticky string from his cock to his fingertip as he toys with his cockhead. Eventually tho, the urge to cum overwhelms him and he takes his fat cock into his fist and jerks until his cum sprays forth - all over his pubes, up over his stomach, and right up to his chest and shoulders. Then with a sigh, he squeezes his cock one last time so that the remaining cum drips out from the head, then he lies back to catch his breath - that was one hot jerk off from one hot Daddy!

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