Guy Watching: Worth a Peek Guy Watching: Worth a Peek

Normally I'm against the whole manspreading thing. The guy on the subway with his legs spread, forcing the people next to him to accommodate his muscular ego. So I'm hoping he just spread like this long enough for the photo to be taken and then the person on each side gave him what for.

Actually maybe the manspreading victims are starting to coordinate with surreptitious photo snappers. Like if this guy's gonna manspread me, I'll be posting his picture online. Ha! I love revenge that gets me off.

Other guys can just stand there looking hot as fuck in a casual "don't look at me" way. That perfectly arranged everyday look that took hours in front of the mirror. Please tell me it takes these folks hours because if their whole fashion mag presentation just comes together by itself, like if entropy were reversed and you could drop a broken glass on the ground and it reassembles itself, I'll be super jealous.

Hell, I'm already jealous. Obviously.

On to the bulge guys, it's kinda like you have to look at every guy's crotch to see if there's a bulge worth looking at or not. But sometimes, we can just know. We can just feel the urge to peek and know it will be worth it. It helps when the guy's pants are super tight and his bulge is crammed in there looking like it's suffocating.

Or when he's poking against his baggy shorts. I like that too. Yeah, I like that a lot. Don't you?

[Photos via Tube Crush and Guys with Bulges]

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