Guy Watching: Stud Situation Guy Watching: Stud Situation

I'd like to report a serious stud situation. I'd tell you the location but it's affecting large swaths of cities and towns around the world. Studs are everywhere!

And if I'm interpreting these candid pics correctly, there's a college runner with a crazily snake-like midsection. Is there such a thing as a 60 pack? You know when your running singlet is loose around your stomach that you're doing something right.

The everyday casual dude kind of pisses me off. The more casual a guy is, the more anxious I feel in comparison. But I should totally relax because he's not going to pay a bit of attention to me ever in this universe. Unless he wants something from me. Which would likely be my business when he randomly calls me to sell me something. If he's not selling himself, I'm not buying though.

Then I really need to know how big a tricep needs to be. From a purely aesthetic point of view, I'm still what the fuck, that's not necessary. But it sure does catch the light nicely. If he works out too hard, his pecs might be so big he won't be able to tell if his shoes are untied. Luckily, he can easily get a devoted and gleeful shoelace tying assistant should the need arise.

Seeing a guy in and (a different guy) partially out of a suit is dreamy. No explanation needed. Something nice about a guy being distracted with his phone though. Makes it easier to stare. As apparently does a strategic hole in a bathroom stall door. Modern ingenuity is awesome.

Into jocks? Sean Cody delivers porn bang for your porn buck. Into guys in suits? It's all about the lust-worthy Men At Play.

[Photos via For Voyeurs and Exhibitionists, Real Candid Men, Everyday Hotness and Welsh Lycra Guy]

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