Guy Watching: Stepping Out Guy Watching: Stepping Out

All the world's a stage. Or in the case of bulging crotch guys and jock guys and hot guys of every stripe, all the world's a male strip club stage. Or at least when I undress them with my eyes.

That can lead to problems though. Sometimes when you undress a guy with your eyes, you end up being horrified by his tacky imaginary underwear. Nearly enough to confront him about his poor taste in undergarments.

This can lead to extreme confusion as well as a forced psychiatric hold because it's fucking crazy. So I do appreciate when guys help the cause and leave a bit less to the imagination. Flashes of skin (or in the case of the three-limbed wonder stud, flashes of metal) create an extreme tease situation. I like that. It's seductive as hell.

Do you ever hold back on showing some flesh or whatever's underneath, or wearing super tight clothes, because it just seems like too much? The fact that hot guys seem to make it home unscathed on a daily basis should reassure you. Calling attention to yourself can be good.

Is it fair that other folks get negative attention for being themselves? While some folks get carte blanche? Nope. Everyone should be free to dress how they choose without being hurt in some way for it. I just see more people blending in, gay people included, and I'm sick of it. Think of the visual stimuli we're missing because of all the hiding.

Strike a blow for equality and justice. Get a boner in your tight pants and go to the grocery store. My grocery store. I promise to support your grassroots movement, especially when I see it moving in your pants.

I am so worthy of admiration for my sincere devotion to the cause of what were we talking about? Something to do with guys. Yeah, guys. Join us.

[Photos via Everyday Hotness, Real Candid Men and Welsh Lycra Guy]

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