Guy Watching: Peeping Is Awesome Guy Watching: Peeping Is Awesome

I'm glad that pre-crime police aren't a thing because I would totally peep if I could get away with it. Or at least I'd totally think that I would peep if I could totally get away with it. And not freak the hell out of some guy in the process.

Oh wait, I already peep.

Not the climbing onto a fire escape and staring into someone's bathroom at night (I swear that wasn't me!) but rather the every day opportunities to sneak a peak, or peep a sneak, or peep an ass or sneak a bulge.

Or, hopefully get sort of caught and have the guy sort of give me his number to sort of meet up again for a long-term, loving relationship. Hey, dream big, right?

Let me practice my opening lines to turn peeping into more, with these pics as inspiration:

  1. "You're doing a great job stocking the shelves with that crap. How about I stock your ass with my dick? And keep it stocked except sometimes your ass would go on sale so my dick would stock it more to accommodate the demand. Why are you calling store security? Love me!"
  2. "Hey, you look great in your underwear while you're peeing. Want to get brunch?"
  3. "Can I follow you to wherever you and your cute legs are going? Which is straight to my heart."
  4. "Need me to tutor you in the ways of algebra and of the heart?"
  5. "Be careful not to break the subway with your muscles. I don't want you to get in trouble because I need you in my life forever, your muscular arms wrapped around me while I make you dinner which sounds logistically difficult but dinner is really just a smoothie and a salad so I should be able to do it but if the salad is too much I can go with a sandwich instead but I'll still do the smoothie no matter what as that's pretty easy with a blender and stuff. Why are you running away? Wow you're a great runner. Normally a muscular guy can't necessarily run that fast. Impressive. Makes me love you more!"

Yeah, maybe I better stick to virtual peeping.

[Photos via Holy DILF Batman, Hot Sports Bulges & Butts and Male Hard Labour]

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