Guy Watching: Peeper Pride Guy Watching: Peeper Pride

There's still time for peepers to organize. I don't mean the kind of organization where guys tip off others on which bathrooms have the best view of the urinals form the stalls. Or which gyms have open showers. I mean organize marching contingents for Pride Parades this summer. And what the hell would those floats look like?

I'm thinking a flatbed truck built-out like wherever peepers do their best work. The communal fitting room of a nearly out-of-business discount department store, so they can't afford individual doors. The alley between apartment buildings. A row of urinals with no privacy walls between them.

Or simply blinds with guys naked behind them and you're not sure but you think they're looking out while masturbating. Because the Pride Parade should give even LGBT people a slightly creepy feeling.

There's secret peeping (and photographing or filming), then there's the kind of peeping that happens when a guy flashes a bulge like the spread-legged daddy above.

There, it's secret as long as he doesn't know you're looking. But even if his eyes don't catch you, that dick knows when it's being watched. And it likes it. So peep away. And when you ride on that float in the parade, wear your darkest sunglasses. Nobody will suspect a thing, especailly if your head is angled up, even while your eyes are angled to the bulgiest nearby bulge.

I do have one request. Just don't buy anything from that tacky department store while you're peeping in the fitting room. Peepers get a bad rap for bad fashions, so step it up for 2015, please. Only flat front pants. No pleats. Or just no pants. That's fine too.

[Photos via Hobart Glory Hole Hunter, Spy on Cocks and Daddy List]

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