Guy Watching: Peek-a-Boo Guy Watching: Peek-a-Boo

Peek-a-boo goes both ways. As in "look at my dick, ass, bulge, etc." or "I'm peeking at your dick, ass, bulge, etc." And believe me, the "etc." is the best part of a man. I love sneaking a peek at a guy's "etc." and if I'm really brazen, then begging to suck it. I'm a total grammar whore.

The shot of that guy's ass filling out his pants to near bursting while on an innocent bus ride makes me want to ride the bus more often. And I hate riding the bus. Well, I'd like to ride the ass bus. If only I knew where it picks up.

The convenience store bulge guy does look a bit like a set up, possibly some slick product placement for Doritos. That's right: "Doritos! The snack preferred by guys while getting head. Now available in Cool Sperm Ranch. Doritos! Yeah!" Or something like that.

So if you see a guy with Dorito crumbs on his head and have a suspicion he recently swallowed cum, then you're totally right. So go say hi. He probably wants even more Doritos crumbs on his head.

Then locker room ass and dick is a given. But such a fine ass and such a hard dick are not. So take it in while you can.

Speaking of hard dick and fine ass, check out 10" disappear in a hole. Then reappear. Then disappear. Then, I think you get it.

[Photos via Hot Sports Bulges and Butts, NYC Hot Guys and Visible Penis Line]

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