Guy Watching: No-Shame vs. Shamed Pissing

In one corner, we have a bunch of drunk guys peeing backwards. As in they don’t understand and/or don’t care that porte potties peeing requires going into the ports potty then unzipping. Not the other way around. There is no shame or shaming going on whatsoever. And to their credit at least they are peeing near the toilet.

And I’d rather they be peeing with their back to camera than doing stuff like talking or going to medical school. 

Though, to be clear it’s no better than peeing against the door to the bathroom versus in the toilet. Recycling of beer notwithstanding.

In the other corner we have a woman taking selfies with public pissers in the background in an attempt to shame them. At least from this video, it appears to be somewhat of a norm as there are a range of people who do it and they seem surprised someone would think it unusual.

They’re lucky she didn’t do the selfie from the other side. Though there is clearly another cameraperson with her taking pictures of her as she is taking pictures. Which makes me dizzy. Or maybe that’s the smell of pee wafting through my apartment. I totally peed on the floor right now. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?

I totally get her point and love her tactic (though risky so probably don't apply it to other things). And in some way, the guys in her video have no shame either. At least not at first.

Now if you're Club No Piss Shame (excepting pretty much wrong public pissing), then I'll bet you'll find this scene inspiring. Warning: PISS HAPPENS!

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