Guy Watching: Muscle on the Move Guy Watching: Muscle on the Move

If you're lost, is it better to stay in the same place so someone can find you? Or keep wandering? If you're searching for a certain guy, is it better to stay in the same place so he can find you? Or wander in hopes of finding him?

Neither thing with neither thing. Rather shout it from them the rooftops. A giant cosmic I WANT YOU. YES YOU.

I swear it will work.

Because he's a man on the move and now is your chance to say hello. Right now. Now Now Now.

So be everywhere fast and be nowhere slow and keep your eyes and ears and heart open and maybe he'll be there doing the same. 

Say hi or at least smile or both. Because if not, you may as well be an anti-gay activist lunatic, because you are in effect suppressing who you are in the guise of fitting into social norms in some way. 

So say hello. With your eyes. With your voice. And invite the same.

Except if the guy's a creep. Fuck that. Unless he has a great ass. Then fuck that.

[Photos via Everyday Hotness and NYC Hot Guys]

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