Guy Watching: Muscle and Bulges Guy Watching: Muscle and Bulges

Technically, that would be muscle and crotch bulges and muscle bulges. And why not throw in another bulges while we're at it. Or a dozen.

I must assert that it's wrong to grab a guy's pecs out of nowhere. Definitely say hello first. And not with your hands but with your words and eyes. Or hands and eyes if you speak that way. As long as he understand and accepts.

I'd rather hold a guy's chest than touch his dick. Yep I would. And not just because pecs is plural and dick is singular. But because pecs can be welcoming but also strong, resolute, present, directional. 

And, thankfully, quite public. So, spoiler alert, a pec bulge and crotch bulge combo (plus a set of hunky calves), well damn.

We need a body pride month. How about it's year round? Because we're who we are in our bodies, no matter the shape, the exactness or approximation of magazine covers or popular Instagram posts. I'm attracted to what I"m attracted to, but in real life, it is more varied. Because there is a person behind the chest. Or a chest in front of the person, or connected to the person. However one looks at it.

We will take care of our bodies, ourselves, our loved ones, our hoped to be loved ones, and move forward, today, this week, this month and beyond.

[Photos via Everyday Hotness and Ruddy Cherry]

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