Guy Watching: Major Jock Alert! Guy Watching: Major Jock Alert!

The thing about jocks is they're hard to keep up with. Always running or otherwise on the go. Except when they stand there and pose (pretending to do so casually and accidentally). Or when they pick out their cute jock outfits every so carefully.

Here's to jocks!

And let's bring back the worst opening line every: "You look like you need a massage." Seriously, what could be a better awful line than that? Just be prepared to back it up with an actual massage. At least two minutes worth, before hands start to wander to a part of the body that isn't technically a muscle. 

Have you noticed a good set of pecs can balance out other parts of a guy's body? It's all a matter of taste, but personally I don't need a six pack (beer or abs) if a guy has solid pecs. A strong but flexible pillow of muscles capped off with some hopefully (fingers crossed) super sensitive nips. 

Maybe air raid sirens can be repurposed to let us all ecstatically know when a worship-worthy jock is afoot? I'll propose that to the powers that be immediately. Though who knows, we may need to stick with the air raid thing based on how global conflicts are going. For now though, I'll be my own jock alert system. Maybe I can tag some and track their mating habits. Or hopefully non-mating habits.

[Photos via Muscled Over 40 and Everyday Hotness

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