Guy Watching: Look Out! Guy Watching: Look Out!

Being on high alert can be exhausting. At least when it's about keeping an eye out for threats. But how about a much better way to be on high alert, on that is rejuvenating? Be on the look out for bulges and muscle, because sometimes the hottest moments can pass by in an instant.

Until the day when digital cameras will be built into contact lenses (yes that will happen and it will be called the iEye) you just have your brain to snap a mental picture. Or your camera if you're fast enough.

So here's to the brave, desperately horny souls who whip out their cameras and manage not to get clocked. That's clocked as in discovered and clocked as in upside the head.

By the way, I call bullshit on that guy bending down to grab a certain beer. No way he needs to be in that position to get that beer. It's called reaching down. But given two ways of standing, I think he'll always pick whichever shows his body off to greatest advantage. Jokes on him though. He doesn't have a bad angle.

Totally unrelated, but you should know that I have a sneaking suspicion Alex Mecum is not the naked top guy's real name. Watch him fuck and draw your own conclusions.

[Photos via Guys with Bulges and Everyday Hotness]

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