Guy Watching: Letting It All Hang Out Guy Watching: Letting It All Hang Out

What's better for you? A major bulge ready to explode out of super tight jeans? Or flopping cock and sack doing their thing out a shorts leg?

Frankly, I would prefer a flopping cock and sack hanging out the bottom of a pants leg, as in by the ankles. Though as that size package is only a Photoshop thing, I'll have to settle for cock out of shorts.

And what an arousing way to settle it is. Not like settling for soggy french fries. This is serious cock we're talking about.

If intentionally exposed, then that's awesome. If unintentionally, then it's really intentionally so is awesome. Just with the extra acting of pretending to be unintentional. Like people who cut off pedestrians in their cars and fake apologize with a meaningless expression and hand gesture.

I would rather experience someone using the hand gesture of jacking off their bloated cock in my direction. I would totally jaywalk for that. 

Do I randomly see guys with their cocks flopping out? Kinda not that often. I can count on one hand (filled with cock) how many times. I must be hanging out at the wrong construction sites and parks and bus stations.

I wish that Cruising for Sex site still had its public sex listings up.  But that was more a pre-internet thing (though lasted into the '00s) because it turned into a one-stop shop for cops to know where to set up entrapment busts.

I figure more people would let it hang out if they weren't worried about the reactions. Or showing off in front of someone they really shouldn't, which includes ex-boyfriends. As they had their chance!

So enjoy the spoils of other people's voyeurism for now. As the real thing may be as rare as an orange and purple striped sequined hummingbird.

Here's some other guys who let it all hang out. And in.

[Photos via Everyday Hotness and Sneaky Pix]

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