Guy Watching: Jocks on Display Guy Watching: Jocks on Display

Hey, look! It's jocks on display! And no, I don't give a fuck about any of the actual sports they play or jocky recreational activities they do. I just care about their bodies. Funny thing is, that's how a lot of people feel but they won't admit it.

Just like those teenyboppers screaming for Elvis weren't so much all about Elvis, but really screaming for their own sexual liberation, the liberation of their desire, some sports fans wouldn't be quite so obsessed were it not for the skin on display.

It's similar to those guys who workout at the gym all the time but never get in shape because their definition of a workout is exercising their eyes in the locker room. And more power to them. But good luck to them on their annual physicals.

And it's not always totally a sexual interest, but also an interest in kinetics, how the body moves and exists in space and time. Like, hey look that guy's sack is accidentally showing out the leg of his shorts, so it exists outside of the space of the shorts and in sync with the time of whoever took a picture. This also explains why Australian Rules Footballers are always pulling each others shorts down.

Give the people what they want because that sport makes no fucking sense otherwise.

So feel free to fan out for soccer or football or baseball or whatever. And if you actually like the sport itself, not just the bodies, then you have a great way to pass the time until the next guy's sack comes into public view. Or semi-public view in a locker room.

Now I'm on my way to the gym to work out. Yeah, to work out. That's it.

[Photos via Every Day Hotness, Muscled Over 40, Welsh Lycra Guy and Hot Sports Bulges & Butts]

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