Guy Watching: Jock Time Guy Watching: Jock Time

Set a jock time alarm and let it ring in your mind and pants. Because it's jock time. Those of us who don't train for years to win a medal of whatever color still train for our own reasons. 

Like so you can spend time in a locker room and watch guys in various states of sexual undress. Or so you can sort of fit in with other jocks at various points throughout the day. Because, hell, maybe you're a jock too.

Or you just want to watch, which most jocks secretly (or not so secretly notice) and heartily approve of. Tends to feed their egos too. Which may make them workout harder, set bigger goals, and give you more to see next time. Win and win.

Now there are also guys who go to gyms where they get plenty of male attention and super don't want any. I overheard one telling his buddy he doesn't like to listen to music while working out but still puts headphones in just to deter people talking to him.

And i'd have thought his sparkling personality would be deterrent enough.

Just a friendly reminder that it's all about look but don't touch. And don't look to the point someone gets skeeved out. Unless it's one of those hateful protestors at pride parades. Then stare at their crotch as much as you can stomach. And their stomach as much as you can crotch.

Now I"m going to go work out my nipple tweaking fingers. To practice for some extremely pec and nip gifted guy. I wonder what machine at the gym will help me prep.

[Photos via Ruddy Cherry & Everyday Hotness]

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