Guy Watching: Inside vs. Outside Guy Watching: Inside vs. Outside

Inside or outside, shirtless or clothed, I'm happy to see a muscular guy taking up space. Though I'd prefer to see a shirtless guy inside more often.

Inside my apartment.

Inside my (fill in the blank). Make that blanks. A lot needs to be filled.

Now let's bring back tits. I mean gay guys calling another gay guy's pecs "tits" because that was totally a thing. Maybe it still is in West Hollywood but it needs to be everywhere again. Tits need to be everywhere.

Especially inside my apartment. Because I want to rest my head on them. They offer the perfect level of firmness and cushion. Plus, if the guy who owns them has a sensitive brain, then they come with a side of emotional connection and support.

Let's also call "capacity to offer emotional connection and support" tits. Great tits on that one! Meaning Great capacity to offer emotional connection and support.

Seriously, we need some shorthand for things that are important, as people's attention spans are supposedly so short now. So tits can mean a lot of things.

At minimum, pecs.

Now I'm going to go outside and shout "Show me your tits" at some male construction workers. I'm sure that will go well.

For the tits record, tits don't need to be gigantic to be considered tits. Like, check out these tits (and dicks).

[Photos via Everyday Hotness]

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