Guy Watching: Inside Outside Guy Watching: Inside Outside

Outside is where you see guys and inside is where you take them. But sometimes inside is where you see one too because he's on his way to outside and his way to you hopefully. Admiring people is complicated.

Especially from a distance.

I'm beginning to wonder if all guy watching carries the risk of lost opportunity. Though hopefully some of these guy watchers who snapped these followed up with an approach, such as:

Like "Hey, I just semi-secretly or totally secretly if you totally didn't notice took your beefcakey picture and I've already posted it online so do you want to hook up like for a sex date or regular date or regular sex date or unusual sex date or like whatever? I'm free now!"

Or "You're going to bust through those sweats which should normally be logistically impossible but your cock can do it, I'm certain! How's your day going, or like whatever?"

Ultimately it's about body language though, so say whatever, but make sure to constantly touch yourself and lick your lips while you're doing it.

Or lick yourself and touch your lips. Whatever works for you. 

[Photos via NYC Hot Guys, Holy DILF Batman and Risky's Stash]

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