Guy Watching: I Can See Your Cock Guy Watching: I Can See Your Cock

Men's rooms, now with extra man parts for your viewing pleasure. Assuming you have a sneaky camera to capture hot cock moments. Also assuming you consider mostly flaccid peeing cocks to be hot. I know closet case fraternity dudes consider them to be hot. But, while there are thousands of those dudes, that isn't everybody. Toilet cock and (other exposed cock) may be an acquired taste.

Speaking of tasting cock, wouldn't it be sweet to suck a guy before he's had a chance to shake those last few drops of pee out of the slit? I recognize the answer to that is not universally yes. Except if you ask the question of all the guys who live on South Yellow Hanky Lane in Peeville, Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin is the state I most associate with urine. I must've had a yellow snow cone there one summer.

As for the smiling guy and his partial cock and sack exposure, maybe he's aware his man parts are hanging out and maybe he's not. Not everyone who goes out with no underwear intends to flash the world. It's just sometimes they forget and, suddenly, it's a semi-public, semi-hard, semi-exhibitionist situation.

Is there a way to give a guy's penis your number and ask his cock to call you? I mean without having to give the number to the owner of the penis. There was that cellphone feature or app mostly nobody cared about where you tap phone and it trades contact info. It'd be like that but with cocks. Just strap a GPS to your cock and some sort of microchip satellite dish cock ring and your cock's social life will bloom, including if you're already a full-on man slut.

Because there's always more cock to see. Do your part and go without underwear at least one day a week. It's like the opposite of Meatless Mondays.

[Photos via Spy on Cocks and Nifty Things]

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