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Do you know what a porn equivalency is? Einstein discovered the equation for it early last century. I think it was e equals mc hammer. Or squared or cubed or diced or something. Physics is confusing.

I'll clarify the concept layman's terms, since not everyone can understand genius equations like me (a certified genius because I sent away for a genius certification with a form I found in the back of a comic book).

Porn equivalency is a porn model (or models) that are the x-rated equivalent of a non x-rated guy. So if you see a hot catcher (I don't mean bottom, I mean baseball catcher) in a squat position, the porn equivalent would be a similar looking guy squatting on a cock or dildo or traffic cone.

So I'm going to bop around this blog and link to the porn equivalent of each of these guys to the best of my ability. If I'm not able to be super precise, I'm still linking to hot guys, so it's still a good thing.

Top left: an older Zander Craze

Top right: hard-fucking Jordan Levine

Middle left: Abraham Al Malek because I need any excuse to link to Abraham Al Malek because damn

Middle right: the daddy in Daddy POV

Bottom left: the tatted top

Bottom right: the bearded top in this threesome

Of course none of the guys are actually porn models. It's just fun to think of the possibilities. Like if Oprah were to be President.

[Photos via Every Day Hotness]

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