Guy Watching: Hot Fucking Bodies Guy Watching: Hot Fucking Bodies

"You've got a hot fucking body" is right up there as a pick-up line. Not necessarily if you're looking for a long-term relationship though. That would be more like "You've got an amazing personality and I want to spend time with you for years and your body is good enough to get through sex with you sometimes if neither of us are too tired or have made some other excuse to not have to do it."

Though if you can score a long-term relationship with a guy who has a hot fucking body, then congratulations and fuck you to hell.

I'm so liking the jock with the super spread legs. His position pretty much screams "Suck me!" Or says it in a deep voice anyhow. Don't you like when a guy says that? "Suck me now" works too.

The suited and bearded guy who's half asleep is a damn dreamboat. I'll comfort myself thinking he has a horrible personality. Like you could have dinner waiting for him at home and he's 32 minutes late and that throws off everything. Damn him! I'm breaking up with him! After I have sex with him 30 to 300 more times.

The next guy can't really expect to not be snapped when he strips down on a beach. Clearly he doesn't care about being naked. I, however, super care about him being naked. It would greatly upset me if he weren't naked. I would have to write my Congressperson to try to pass some law about it.

And what can I say about the rear view of that guy in the locker room? Besides that I want this to happen next. Hard.

[Photos via NYC Hot Guys and Hot Sport Bulges and Butts]

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