Guy Watching: Hit the Showers Guy Watching: Hit the Showers

I just rewatched The Truman Show, you know that '90s flick about a guy raised inside a reality show from birth. Can some porn producer do a gay xxx version please? It could be called The True Man Show and it would star a guy with a huge penis who doesn't know anybody is watching him and his huge penis go about their daily business.

True voyeurism. On a global scale. And unlike The Truman Show, where the viewing public (of the reality show within the movie) asked "How is it going to end?", we'd know how the porn version would end. Ejaculation. Daily ejaculation. And sandwiches. Everyone likes sandwiches.

There's actually a Truman Show Delusion, a non-official mental condition with a few sort of documented cases (enough to be on Wikipedia anyhow), in which the person believes that they are living inside a reality TV show. I think some of the Real Housewives suffer from that in the years after they are no longer in the cast. They think the cameras are still there and that everyone around them is acting. That last part is true as everyone around them is acting as if they can stand them. Also true of past cast members of Beverly Hills 90210 that nobody remembers exists. They totally think they are inside TV still.

So next time you're at the gym, spend an extra long in the showers and take in the view. You'll turn the guy you're spying on into a reality TV show star. With the show called The Hot Guy in the Shower Hour. Every time you blink, it's a microsecond-long commercial break, then right back to the action.

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