Guy Watching: Eyes Are Everywhere Guy Watching: Eyes Are Everywhere

Privacy advocates and some everyday folks are pretty pissed about Google Glass and the like. Some businesses have banned Google Glass (which I want to call Google Glasses because it's nerdier) because seeing someone in them who may or may not be taking your picture freaks out some customers. They can't do much about actually hidden cameras, but totally visible ones right on your face they can.

Because people with Google Glass would totally want to snap pics or video of people eating. Because people posting their meals to Instagram is not enough food porn. Never enough!

To be fair, it would creep me out too, not knowing if someone was taking my picture or not. So we can all feel like Jennifer Aniston on a beach. Actually, that's not a good comparison because where she goes her picture is likely being taken, even with a telephoto lens from three miles away. Jealous!

But what people don't get so freaked out about is eyes. Sure if someone looks like a total creep and is super obvious about staring, that can freak folks out. But in general, people aren't thinking the person can actually capture their image with their eyes. Except some of us pretty much can. And it's technology free. It's called memory.

But when memory fails, we have surreptitiously taken photos. Of a runner's bare chest. A muscle bear's beefy, hairy pecs. A jocks bare arms and legs. A bubble butt in dress pants. A likely purposely obscene bulge on a subway. And a guy bent over like he wants huge dick up his ass or to innocently stretch. Or to innocently stretch then take big cock from a stranger not so innocently. Stuff like that.

Eyes are everywhere, whether biological or technological. Vote the Voyeur/Exhibitionist ticket in 2016. Bubble butts and hairy chests and Google Glass for everyone! Or keep it simple and jack off to these guys. That works too.

[Photos via Tube Crush, Muscled Over 40 and Everyday Hotness]

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