Guy Watching: Dressed Is the New Naked Guy Watching: Dressed Is the New Naked

Well, make that temptingly partway dressed. Because when some skin is exposed it makes me think of all skin being exposed. Plus there's this whole semi-arbitrary erogenous thing going on. Like it's societally acceptable for men to be out and about without a shirt on. 

This despite the fact that I find a man's chest (okay certain men's chest) to be equal in triggering desire as a man's ass. I also find some guy's legs as or more arousing than their dick. But thankfully society doesn't demand men cover their legs. Except perhaps during a wake.

Don't go to a wake in shorts. Unless you live in Bermuda or something, then probably it's fine. But make them tuxedo shorts.

Does this mean I might go to a strip show and when the guy gets down to whatever nakedness is his goal I'll shout "Put it on!" while reaching into his g-string and removing someone else's tips. Or taking it from wherever he puts tips if he's indeed naked at that point. I guess in his sock? Or just from the stage floor?

No, because I don't go to strip clubs and because if I were to go I wouldn't want to get kicked out. Unless the bouncer were cute because that's body contact with a cute guy so that's a yes.

But I would definitely think it. And maybe work into sexual conversation with some guy that I'd dig it if he kept his underwear on. Or that he kept his suit on. Or that he kept his hard hat on.

Strike that last one. There's no way in hell I'll end up with an actual construction worker. Not because none would be into me or that I don't really have opportunity to meet any. But because I'd turn them off with my railing against gentrification. 

Although railing against something and pissing someone off in the process is a good way to make the guy want to shut you up with his dick in your mouth. In that case, I would happily make an exception and he could take his pants and underwear off. Or partway off would be hotter. Ask for what you want. Even if you don't get it, at least you're confident in what you want for the future and learned more quickly if the guy is or isn't a match. 

Oh my goodness, I just spotted a guy walking buy in jeans. I can't believe society allows such blatant obscenity in public.. Scandalous. At least if he were naked he could be locked up. What a backwards world we live in.

[Photos via Everyday Hotness]

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