Guy Watching: Cock Hungry Guy Watching: Cock Hungry

There's hungry for love. Hungry for attention. Hungry for a sandwich. Then the best kind of hungry. Cock hungry. And warning: hoards of hot guys guys are roaming the planet with the singular goal of making you cock hungry. And they're winning.

So when a guy shows an inviting bulge on the bus or train, or when he dares to take his clothes off in the locker room (only sluts do that!), it makes you cock hungry. And you file away that hunger because probably you can't suck his cock in that moment. I mean you could with some quick flirting, consent and not giving a fuck about the consequences.

But if you're wondering if guys ever get gym memberships revoked due to fucking around, then yes, totally that happens. Generally when someone is a bit too cock hungry around the wrong cock or it's the right cock but the wrong eyes walk in.

And the consequences for sucking a guy off on public transportation is that you'll end up as a gif forever. Or for the next 15 minutes which can feel like forever.

So it's best just to get hungry. And if you're pining for cock, you can always fill up on fiber. And drink some tea with lemon. Or just go on a long run until you're too electrolyte-depleted to hunger for anything but an actual banana.

Or if you can't get your wistful erection down and are too distracted by sexual cravings to function efficiently, then go with an old-fashioned cold shower. Just make sure you're not surrounded by other naked men when you take it. Because stick a cock hungry guy in a group shower and shocking things could happen. Like 45 times in a row. Though if they do, you'd finally feel full.

[Photos via Spy Cam Dude, Aussie Legs and Public Boners]

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