Guy Watching: Butch Buddies Guy Watching: Butch Buddies

Well I wish these guys were my buddies. I might need to practice what I'd say. Maybe "Hey buddy, how's it going?" Or "Hey buddy, do you need me to clean your uniform for you? Just take it off right here and wait on my couch while I hand wash it with my mouth." Are those things buddies say to each other?

I might e terrible at pulling off the butch buddy thing. I think part of it is being able to coexist with the guy without overtly starting at his crotch for longer than 1.5 seconds. I definitely go into the 150+ seconds zone.

Have you noticed "butch" isn't as commonly used a term anymore? Maybe masculine is so supposed to be the norm that even mentioning butch calls out that not everyone is. So it's more masc4masc or whatever. For the record (and if this ends up in the Library of Congress), I'm just talking about guys looking butch. Portraying a certain masculine archetype with verve and panache.

Wait, "panache" doesn't sound very butch, nor does "verve". Nor does "nor." Then I'll just say I dig a hot guy in dirty jeans and a wrestlers bulging and twisting every which way. And a stud with a laptop. Brains and brawn! Meanwhile, he's probably vainly trying to log on to

Kinda wishing for the whole guy pal thing though. Here's the friendships among guys of all orientations, right? And by all orientations, I mean gay and two-drink-minimum gay. Then who knows what can happen?

After all, some hot butch guys are major bottoms. Taking dick is definitely an athletic challenge sometimes.

[Photos via Everyday Hotness, Tube Crush and Hot Sport Bulges and Butts]

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