Guy Watching: Bulging Hard Wrestlers Guy Watching: Bulging Hard Wrestlers

I am not often in the audience of a wrestling match, as in never. Because the longest I'd last is 3 minutes because I'd be stroking and kicked out. Seriously kicked the fuck out by people who somehow would not appreciate my stroking to wrestlers. 

Though I wouldn't mind a job as the stroke police at events. Like I could monitor who is jacking off at presidential debates. And make them get out of their seat and move to the stage. Would definitely elevate the discourse.

Who invented wrestling, by the way? I know as a sport it was first done naked. As I assume most sports were. Like tennis was naked 3,000 years ago for sure. Ancient Greek tennis. Or was that badminton? Cricket?

Whatever it was it was naked. 

I do watch wrestling sometimes, like Olympics level. That will be happening again this year. Super corrupt sports event there with ridiculous corporate sponsorships and some politics intruding on judging for some events. But hell. Bulges!

Yes, some of them get boners during wrestling and it's not judged. Not even seen as sexual all the time. But sometimes it is sexual of course. 

I would like to wrestling a guy though. And my secret is I would want him to totally win, because that way I would win. I just would ask that his cock is in my mouth when he's pinned me. Seems a reasonable ask, don't you think?

[Photos vis Hot Sports Bulges & Butts]

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