Guy Watching: Bulges and Curves Guy Watching: Bulges and Curves

Gee, math sure is hard! Trigonometry. Geometry. Calculus. All that jazz. Except when it's trigonometry of the ass. Geometry of the biceps. And calculus of the cock.

Where are the college professors who use the male body to teach math lessons? Not to mention logic. Ramone is 12.2 miles away from Daniel on Scruff. Ramone is 57% horny while Daniel is 97% horny. Daniel is traveling to Ramone in an electric car which is only 24% charged and will run out of power part of the way to Ramone's apartment due to unexpected traffic at 2 a.m. (mostly other horny guys) combined with a steep incline and a reverse lightning storm sucking all the ohms out of the air. When will Daniel ejaculate?

See, math is hard. Which is fine because guys tend to look sexy with they're thinking hard. By the way, do you like guys who think? It's underrated.

I like guys who make me laugh. I'm a pretty tough audience especially if someone isn't even trying to make me laugh because they see the world completely literally. No layers or levels to anything. Like if they see a chair they think it's a chair when it's so not.

I think I'll move to San Diego. I assume that's where guys walk around shirtless more often. One shirt minue one shirt equals no shirt. Math is awesome. You should try it sometime. Condom + Dick is a good one too. Mouth + Ass is something to consider. Though try to avoid Dick + Dick. I mean what the hell is that even? Dick + Dick + Dick makes way more sense.

[Photos via NYC Hot Guys, Visible Penis Line and Everyday Hotness]

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