Guy Watching: Beautifully Random Guy Watching: Beautifully Random

Cameras are everywhere. And there are always hot guys at least somewhere. Now I am always a math genius so I know that everywhere times somewhere equals an unending supply of beautifully random hot guyness. And for this we must all be thankful.

So when you're doing your gratefulness diary (like Oprah demanded everyone start doing several years ago, so step to it!), remember that random hot guys should always be numbers one to five on your list of five things to be grateful for each day.

Let's practice.

I'm grateful for the two shirtless jocks and their backpacks which call to mind leather harnesses. And I'm grateful for nobody ever teaching the one on the right that belts exist.

I'm grateful for the bench guy's cellphone distracting him enough that someone could snap a pic of all his exposed flesh and of his muscles filling out his cheap ass clothes. Also for his feet because I have about 23% of a foot fetish so I definitely see them and appreciate them, but I don't want to jerk off onto his feet through some sort of foot-shaped glory hole.

I'm grateful that the next guy's ass is silhouetted flawlessly and that he seems to know how to read. Plus he's built like a tank and wears a tank top. A perfect match!

The next guy may or may not be aware his business is showing. I much prefer to imagine he's not aware and for that I'm grateful. So while he knows his photo is being snapped it's still a guy watching moment because he doesn't know he's dangling.

That matches my understanding of those who went to mythical St. Olaf College (named after lovable and sort-simpleminded Rose Nylund's hometown of St. Olaf). Oh wait, I looked it up and it's a real school. Still nothing to brag about. Their mascot is an exposed ball sack.

Then I'm grateful that the uniform guy had the $300 to buy the uniform. He may have run out of money before he could buy the motorcycle to match, but hell, I'm satisfied.

Then just a big, broad I'm grateful for locker rooms and the occasional big, swinging dick.

And this is what happens when a big, swinging dick gets mentally focused and goes from swinging to plunging: a champ powerfucking top deeply penetrating and stretching a greedy bottom.

[Photos via And One for Your Dreams, Holy Dilf Batman and Man Crush of the Day]

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