Guy Watching: Bare Chest Bonanza Guy Watching: Bare Chest Bonanza

Thank you male nipple privilege. That's the protestable double standard in which biological men are (depending on one's exact location) generally allowed to be bare chested in public.

Including, if you live in Florida, at an alligator funeral. You know, when the alligator died from a meth overdose. Which is pretty much what happens someone in Florida at least once a day. Or probably.

Are guys with amazing torsos more likely to show them off? Who cares, because the shirt is either off or on in that moment. And if it's off, it's time to get close up and have meaningless conversation with the guy. Just string some words together, preferably ones which require sticking your tongue out in the direction of their pecs.

Or have the whole conversation with your tongue at your feet. You may sound sex drunk, but for some guys that's quite seductive.

Okay, I guess go with a generalized, you're in great shape. You must work out eight days a week, right? Ha ha. That is a funny joke. Then suck the off (after asking).

Now I know in many ways male torsos are a sort of armor. Not necessarily seen as sexual by certain uptight (or straight male) members of society. But it's actually a completely legal nudity situation. So I don't need to see a guy's dick if i can see his chest. Seriously. Chests are amazing. Or some are. So best to check out as many as possible until you find your favorites.

And if you see what seems to be an amazing chest hidden by a shirt, say hello three times. Once to each pec and once to the guy's face. It triples your chance of a response of some kind. As for the exact response, I can't promise.

[Photos via Oh Glorious Nips and  Everyday Hotness]

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