Guy Watching: Accidentally On Purpose Guy Watching: Accidentally On Purpose

Some guys show off accidentally on purpose and you may find yourself accidentally on purpose at the right angle to stare like all hell at them. Also known as winning the beefcake lottery.

Or as a precursor to filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. Whichever.

Now there are some things you can do to stack the odds in your favor. Such as going to Mardi Gras, a nude bike ride, or aisle three at the home improvement big box store. Because lots of semi-naked guys hang out there on the pretext of buying lumber.

If you're into being a faux accidental exhibitionist, have your story straight. Because "Officer, I had no idea all five buttons of my button-fly jeans were unbuttoned and I didn't realize I wasn't wearing underwear and it's the wind and sun that is making my innocent penis semi-erect" is not the best excuse.

And there's just no excuse for complete public nudity. Not that I need someone to give me one.

That said, in some places, nudity actually isn't illegal. It only becomes an issue if someone has complained about it and you are doing something inappropriate while naked. The only way I'd complain is if the person was doing something inappropriate to my mind, such as putting on clothes. That is just horrible.

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