New Feature: Guy Watching New Feature: Guy Watching

Arrest these guys for public hunkiness. That's a felony. Plus a few misdemeanor counts of being a sex bomb, with full intent to sex. Cruising is an art form. And it requires eye contact, maybe an opening line, or highly adept nonverbal communication (such as pointing at his crotch, then bending over and pointing at your asshole). But guy watching? It's low pressure, easy and fun. And if you're so inclined, it can turn into cruising.

But in the meantime, let's reap the spoils of guys caught in snaps before they know the lens is watching. And because we don't know who they are, we can imagine our own back stories for each. And no, that doesn't mean as story like: worked hard at a shitty job all day, going home to crash out in front of cable TV and eat the frozen pizza that's jammed in his bag, then do it all over again (albeit with a different brand of frozen pizza to live things up). Nope, not that. Who wants reality? What's the point of not saying hello if you're just going to go with reality?

Guy 1: He's on his way to the library, where he'll be one of those guys that looks at porn on the public library computers (which technically libraries generally aren't allowed to stop people from doing strangely enough). Then he'll take out the autobiography of Heather Locklear, titled The Tears Behind the Laughter Behind the Curtain Behind the Woman Behind the Penis Behind the Dumpster Behind the Frosted Bangs. Then he'll go all the way home on another subway and make 45 other men cum in their pants because of his spread legs.

Guy 2: He's listening to self-improvement tapes on becoming the best leather master he can be. Unfortunately, he accidentally bought the one on being submissive. Next person who asks him for spare change is going to get the key to his apartment.

Now check out the most unsubtle guy watching ever.

[Photos via Men of the Metro]

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