Guy Watching: Stud Finder Guy Watching: Stud Finder

As stud finder is one of those gadgets to help find studs in the walls, right? So you can smash nails or screws or whatever into them to hang your paintings or tacky decorative plates from, right? Or whatever else you hang on your walls like macrame soft sculptures or lighting fixtures or guys into being chained to the wall. Well I know nothing about that kind of stud finder.

Just the stud finder where your eyes go out of your skull as you spot a stud. And steam comes out of your ears. And a whistle sounds for all to hear. And your spot your underwear with precum for all to see (like if you forgot to wear pants). I know all about that kind of stud finding. And stud watching.

So at the beach you could get a job as a lifeguard and position yourself in the lifeguard tower to spot all sorts of emergencies of both the drowning and guy watching kind. It's up to you if you would prioritize saving a drowning person or staring at a hot guy walking safely on the beach. If the head lifeguard was horny enough, he or she might understand you picking the hot guy.

Well if elected President of Penises (or maybe Duke of Dick), I would install guy watching towers throughout every town for perfect vantage and peeping position. Some may not be literal towers but just reserved seating in a locker room. Where you can peep and jerk all you want and nobody can complain. Sort of like those blinds wildlife researchers hide in while observing wild creatures.

Because jocks tend to be wild creatures. Or at least I hope so.

After jocks are done at the gym, they tend to pair up and do crazy stuff like this. Now it's up to you to put the JO in jock.

[Photos via Every Day Hotness, Candid Crotch and For Voyeurs and Exhibitionists]

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