• Free Video From Suck Off Guys

    Free Video From Suck Off Guys

    Not often will a site give away a free video, but that's exactly what Suck Off Guys are doing for today only (Saturday 8th March) with this scene featuring Seth Chase being blown in the mountain, delivering a thick, white facial cumshot.

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  • Beefy Adam Hardy Debuts For Randy Blue

    Adam Hardy debuts Randy Blue

    Built Adam Hardy is making his Randy Blue debut in a two-part rollout. First, the muscular stud does a standard solo. And before you tell him to "put down that damn phone!" (as we were thinking), relax, it plays a role in the plot of the scene. See, Andy is trading dick pics via text with hung Lance Alexander. This leads to jacking and ass play, which leads to the second scene (Andy and Lance's full-on suck and fuck). In the meantime, we get to see Hardy, who has previously done online work for Men.com, Next Door Buddies and Cocksure Men, pleasure himself and pop all over the place. Hope he tidies up before Lance arrives for a good pounding! For more information, visit Randy Blue.

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  • Angel Rock's Close Call With The Law

    Angel Rock for Falcon Studios

    We've always enjoyed the muscular and handsome Angel Rock for his stunning work, but who knew he had such a great sense of humor?! In a new clip promoting his solo in California Dreamin' 1 and 2 (the controversial film in which Falcon digitally removed the condoms), a good-natured Angel tells the real-life story of having sex with another muscle stud in a car. What the guys don't realize is that they're 500 feet away from a police station! When a cop approaches the vehicle, they quickly dress, putting on each other's shirts...backward. Rock thinks that the flirty police officer might have been interested in a threeway but is just happy that he and his buddy didn't get arrested. In his charming accent, the Cuban stud also shares about his first gay relationship (at age 17), the secrets to his gorgeous body ("working out" and "focus") and how at one time he thought his big uncut cock was "the smallest in the world." There's no mention of his boyfriend, fellow porn star Boomer Banks. Anyone would feel small compared to him! To watch the interview, click here. And for more information, visit Falcon Studios.

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  • Should Gay Bathhouses Be Shut Down?

    Should Gay Bathhouses Be Shut Down?

    The gay baths are synonymous to the gay community as apple pie is to the straight community. This is an industry that had thrived under the gay movement in the 1970s and survived the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. But now one conservative gay activist wants to change that. He would like to see the gay baths disappear completely.

    James Wharton is a soldier who served with Prince Harry in the Household Cavalry. He came out in 2005, two years after he enlisted. For the most part his comrades were supportive. Including Prince Harry whom Wharton describes as "100% gay-friendly".

    Openly out, Wharton has now become an activist for LGBT causes. He is also conservative in his beliefs. Which brings us to a recent OP-ED piece he wrote for Winq magazine. Linking the high number of drug overdoses to the baths, he has advocated to having them shut down completely.

    He writes "Sex saunas need to be history. The time has come to close them down." If we as a community want mainstream acceptance, sauna have to be shut down. Because they are "thorns in our side that mark our community as different for the wrong reasons."

    "If we don't, we feed the haters and we hand the bigots who remain a vocal minority ammunition with which to attack us."

    "For me as a gay man, the notion that there exist within our communities a series of places that actively promote the convening of gay men for participation in sex of shades various and in groups of all sizes rather revolts me - and I've been round the block a few times, believe me. I'm no prude, not even close, but the days when we gathered in clandestine fashion for the want of a network or a sexual outlet are surely long gone,"

    Bottom line? It's time for gay men to "grow up"

    The reaction has been swift and fast, with most of it negative from the gay community. Responding to the backlash Wharton has released a statement that reads in part:

    "I find it unfathomable that people do not comprehend the danger associated with engaging in sexual activity with strangers, often under the influence of alcohol and drugs - saunas are major culprits for all three of these risk factors."

    What do you think? Do you agree with James Wharton? Or do you find his comments offensive. Comment below to start a discussion.

  • Conrad And Ducati Kick Off SYTYCF New Season

    Conrad and Ducati

    It's time for another season of Dominic Ford's ambitious So You Think You Can Fuck online series. In this Survivor-inspired reality competition show, two teams of porn stars do battle in group challenges and sex scenes. Superstar Matthew Rush returns as host, and this year, some more established models are joining in, including Tommy Defendi, Trenton Ducati and Landon Conrad. They're joined by Bryce Evans, Vance Crawford and Armond Rizzo. Both teams live in an abandoned army barracks that we're told is "in the middle of nowhere." (Though we spotted someone innocently riding by on a bicycle during the sex scene!) And they get to wear faux military fashion courtesy of Sold Out Clothing.

    But before they get to the sex, the guys compete in the "Obstacle" challenge, in which they run, jump, climb and light a torch with fire. Now, it's always fun to watch a gaggle of gays attempt to play sports and not throw like a girl. This group mostly succeeds. Then it's onto the steamy pairing of Ducati (who recently announced his marriage to go-go dancer boyfriend David) and Conrad. (Only paying members get to see the hard-core action; everyone else can watch the rest of the episode for free.) These studs have worked in the industry for a number of years and clearly know what they're doing. Conrad sucks cock with abandon, Ducati eats Landon's beefy ass with ease, and both flip-flop fuck expertly. There are a few jarring jump cuts here, and the lighting could be better (it's tough to film outdoors, especially when you're shooting on a jungle gym!), but the sex is sweaty and intense where it counts.

    And the judges seem to agree. Scotty B is back as the moderator (he gets lots of practice as the host of the weekly Dirty Dish event at Revolver in West Hollywood), introducing a new panel of judges, including porn star Ryan Russell, who now works for series sponsor Squirt.org; Danny of the Cam4 site; and Pierson from Toronto's DailyXtra. Together the panel reaches a consensus, which we won't reveal. You just have to watch. Then it's onward to Week 2 of this 10-week game show. But remember, even though the teams gain points for winning the group challenges, fans have a say in who wins the series by voting online. The winner will be named in a live finale at Revolver on April 30. You can cast your vote at SYTFCF.

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  • Tony Orion & Aleks Buldocek Break Up

    Tony Orion & Aleks Buldocek Break Up

    It's a porn producers worst nightmare: spend months developing a project around real-life couples, shoot their steamy love making scenes, then two weeks before the DVD release, one of the couples breaks up. By the time Naked Sword debuted Boyrfriends 2 on February 20, lovers Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek had already announced their break-up on Twitter. But did it really matter? Raging Stallion had already scooped their brother studio when they released a passionate Orion-Buldocek scene at the end of 2013.

    "We are following different ways," Tony Orion tweeted to gay porn blogger Men of Porn on Feburary 11, 2014. "I'm moving to NYC and he [Aleks Buldocek] is staying in Chicago with his Daddy Paul [Steele]."

    Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek burst onto the gay porn scene seemingly out of nowhere, then suddenly they were popping up everywhere including Titan Men and Raging Stallion. The pair had the world twirling on a stick landing filming gigs with two of the biggest studios in gay porn.

    It turned out that the pair weren't just lovers, but they were involved in a truple with Paul Steele, who had also just filmed a couple of scenes with Titan Men. But a few weeks before the split, Tony Orion tweeted that he and Aleks Buldocek were leaving Daddy Paul in Chicago and moving to New York City to pursue their new-found porn careers. But by February everything changed and Orion was flying solo and Buldocek was back in the Windy City. Are you keeping up?

    Breaking up is hard enough without playing it out on Twitter, although I have to say that as far as I know Orion and Buldocek have been perfect gentlemen and haven't engaged in cray cray Twitter meltdowns. Remember Tate Ryder's and Trenton Ducati's divorce and all those nasty tweets back and forth?

    And while Orion and Buldocek are moving on, scenes they had filmed together continue to roll out. Titan Men released the couple in a puppy play scene on the very day Orion confirmed the break-up with Men of Porn. Wow! Could it get any worse?

    I don't know if the Titan Men scene is the couple's final scene together, but this one is kinky and it's worth checking out. (Click here to see free preview of this scene.) Alpha dog Buldocek lets puppy Orion out of his cage to play. Wearing dog masks and puppy tails wagging out of their butt holes, they sniff each other's butts. Then puppy chows down on the alpha's bone and Orion whimpers as he gets fucked ... you guessed it ... doggy style. With Aleks pounding the hell out of Orion, the two get into a rousing round of barking before spraying each other with cum. I kid you not.

    Where do Tony Orion and Aleks Buldocek go from here? Who knows? But if the first six months of their careers are any indication, it ain't going to be dull.

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  • Fucking Andy O'Neill

    Andy O'Niel

    Andy O'Neill sure likes to suck cock--and lots of different ones! Just check out the look of rapture on his face as he inhales a few penises above. The twink superstar also loves bottoming, and you can see all this and more in the new compilation Fucking Andy O'Neill from Eurocreme. In five scenes, the smooth British lad shows his extreme talent for taking big dicks--and that includes the 11-inch stunner that is attached to Matt Hughes. Neil Stevens and Johannes Winter show up to cover Andy's cute, young face with jizz. And Will Jamieson and Brett Carter give O'Neill a mountainside double penetration to remember. Well, Andy will anyway. For more information, visit Eurocreme.

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  • Top #Selfie of the Week

    top selfie

    So next time you're on the street and see a guy with this exact majorly divine twinkle in his eyes, it means he likes to show his hard dick online. It just does. I've done the research. But that doesn't give you permission to pull his shirt up and pants down and take a picture of his business and post it for the cock hungry among us. That's why it's called a selfie.

    Still it would be tempting to ask such a guy to hold the camera so both his hands can be free. I guess jacking was the original selfie?

    By the way, this couple I knew asked me to take dirty pictures of them once. Well they weren't a couple exactly. They just wanted to sexually express themselves for fun and picked each other to pose with, not get off with. Except this was before digital photography was readily available so we went with 35mm actual film.

    For the developing part, we all had to block the window of the hour film developing place as the dirty pictures streamed by through the developing machine for all sidewalk folks to see. I think that was the couple's favorite part, pretending to block the pictures from view while calling extreme attention to them.

    Come to think of it, they had that same twinkle in their eyes as this guy. Must be genetic. Or magic.

  • Picture This: Corbin Fisher Photo Site


    Ever wanted to drink your coffee out of a mug featuring your favorite gay porn star? Can't find it at the local mall!? Well, Corbin Fisher feels your pain. That's why the Las Vegas-based gay porn studio has started a new nonmember site that features photographs of its gorgeous models. After browsing the numerous galleries, you can pick the best shots and order them in a bunch of different formats: as framed prints and cards, on T-shirts and even mugs. The studio says that during a shoot, it's not uncommon for its staff photographer to "snap some pretty cool pics of the local sights and scenery." So they've included those behind-the-scenes images as well, and new photos will be added on a regular basis. So take home Trenton, Josh, Brayden or whichever hot jock heats up your morning Joe! For more information, visit Corbin Fisher Photography.


  • Julian Marshburn Covers Character Magazine

    Julian Mashburn

    We've always got time for another hairy muscleman--even if it's not in a porn movie but on the pages of an arty French magazine. Julian Marshburn is a hunky personal trainer and massage therapist. He's also a former Mr. San Francisco Leather Daddy winner who acted in the 2009 film The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Starr. Now the onetime Bare Chest Calendar model is gracing the cover of Character and starring in a stunning photo shoot from photographer Some French Guy (that's his name!) that captures his manly nature. So he's never done gay porn, but he does remind us of a slightly beefier version of Heath Jordan (who has). If you spot Julian the next time you're cruising the Castro, tell him we said woof! For more information on the winter issue (out now), visit Character Magazine.