• Dario Beck Goes Exclusive for Falcon and RSS

    Dario Beck Goes Exclusive for Falcon and RSS

    Last time we saw Dario Beck, he had Will Helm's cock buried deep inside his hairy ass in this scene for Lucas Kazan. Now comes word that the Spanish superstar has signed an exclusive deal with Falcon and Raging Stallion. Both San Francisco-based studios have Dario all to themselves now. Beck, who was previously an exclusive for Titan Men, will debut for the studios in a poolside fuck shot near Madrid with bearded hunk Abraham Al Malek (also an RSS first-timer). Dario is once again on bottom.

    "I am really excited about becoming a Falcon exclusive," Dario says in a statement. "The very first gay porn movie I ever watched was a Falcon movie. I remember that! It was a pleasure to shoot with Raging Stallion/Falcon in Madrid. It was a great and fun experience for sure. I can't wait to be back shooting with them soon."

    Look for Beck in two new films, both shot in Spain: Bruno Bond's Gran Vista (where he is the cover model) and Steve Cruz's The Tourist. His scene with Al Malek from Gran Vista (pictured after the jump) has its world premiere today at Raging Stallion.

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  • Why Is Ajay Laws Now Jordan Roberts!?

    Why Is Ajay Laws Now Jordan Roberts!?

    Seems like we're always asking questions about this guy. First, it was who is Ajay Laws? Now, it's why has he been renamed Jordan Roberts? If it wasn't for that awful space in his teeth, we might not have recognized him! That's not true. After all, how could you mistake that smooth, muscular body and those big, droopy balls? No matter. Next Door Male has gone and scooped up the beefy stud from Gay Hoopla, given him a new name and is featuring him in a workout solo.

    The studio says that "Jordan" is a Southern transplant (and he's got the twangy accent to prove it) who now lives in Florida. In a video interview, he says that he enjoys going to the beach with friends, being in charge in bed--oh, and "face-sitting." He also likes his ears played with. Then the young jock pumps a bit of iron before pumping his still-large meat. In between awkwardly flirting with the camera, Jordan humps the bench and fingers his sweet hole before spewing rich cream on his tummy. All good. But...one more question: Why did they have to give this engaging newcomer such a bland, generic name!? For more information, visit Next Door Male.

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  • COLT Icon JD Amos

    COLT Icon JD Amos

    COLT Studio Group continues to do a deep dive into its vast archives. Just as we never heard of the most recent COLT Icon, JD Amos is the latest model from the past to join the exclusive circle of studs in this ever-growing series. And although we don't recognize his name, face or body (do you!?), that is clearly all of our collective loss.

    The studio calls JD a "living anatomy chart of defined muscular perfection." Obviously this buff bodybuilder hit the gym quite a bit. He also had a nice uncut cock and a "bubble butt chiseled from stone." You'll find a couple of solo videos of the straight stud working his meat and playing with his smooth hole on the COLT site.

    So where in the world is Amos now? God only knows. But we can still enjoy him now! For more information, visit COLT Studio Group.

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  • Is Christian Wilde Secretly a Superhero!?

    Is Christian Wilde Secretly a Superhero!?

    In a series of recent tweets Christian Wilde may have outed himself...as a superhero! The gay porn superstar just tweeted several pictures of himself dressed up as popular movie characters and action figures. And while he may almost be hairy enough to pull off Wolverine, the 25-year-old stud also posed as Thor, The Flash and Captain America. Who knows? Maybe it's a stunt to draw attention to his new YouTube channel where Wilde shares videos about his private life, including his morning routine (coffee and jacking), motorcycle purchases and plans for future tattoos. Or maybe it's for his personal website, where he has started producing gonzo-style exclusive content that fans can purchase by the scene. The short clips include Christian jacking in his truck and sucking and fucking fellow hairy porn star Adam Ramzi. On the studio side, Wilde recently banged newcomer Trelino for Naked Sword's edgy Addict series and was the subject of a "Best Of" page for Kink Men. And while he sure looks good naked, Christian doesn't look half bad playing dress-up. And at least he's ready when Halloween rolls around! For more information, visit ChristianWildeXXX.com.

  • Broke Straight Boys Heads to Prime Time TV

    Broke Straight Boys Heads to Prime Time TV

    If you're bored to fucking tears with anything labelled "reality" television, you might perk up when you hear that Broke Straight Boys is headed for prime time. One of gay porn's biggest and best well-known sites is launching a reality show simply called Broke Straight Boys TV and it's slated to be released late this year or early next.

    A G-rated show trailer posted on YouTube a couple of weeks ago has already gotten over 92,000 views. As you'd expect, the series follows the lives of several of the porn site's performers while they're living in the site owner Mark Erickson's mansion. Every few weeks a new crop of guys are flown in to do a filming stint and the show catches them in their off-time along with all their antics and drama -- problems with girlfriends, guys fighting with each other, parties, guys not wanting to do what the director has scripted, and more -- but it looks like there will be some g-rated behind-the-scenes footage from the actual porn shoots as well.

    The guys appearing in the first season of Broke Straight Boys TV are: Adam Baer, Cage Kafig, Damien Kyle, Paul Canon, Denver Grand, Jimmy Johnson, Kaden Alexander, and Johnny Forza. Several are still filming with the porn site, but others have moved on, so it's almost certain that the reality show is not filming in real time. Still, it'll give us something other that the Real Housewives of Elk's Butt America to watch.

    An actual air date or channel hasn't been announced. However, Hot Mess Productions not only produced Broke Straight Boys TV but the hugely popular LOGO series DTLA, so it's likely the new reality show will find its home at Logo. But stay tuned, we'll keep you posted.

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  • Attention: Emerging Artists! Tom of Finland Contest Announced

    Attention: Emerging Artists! Tom of Finland Contest Announced

    While iconic artist Tom of Finland is long gone, his foundation continues to support the gay erotic arts. In the latest edition of its contest (which has been going on since 1993!), the Tom of Finland Foundation is sponsoring the 10th Emerging Artist Competition, which hopes to nurture amateur artists and give them an opportunity to have their work viewed and judged by professionals in the field. It also encourages artists who have achieved acclaim in other fields to try their hand at other work.

    The main criterion for entering the contest is that the artist is not already commercially selling work. Oh, and it has to portray sexuality. (Our favorite part!) The artwork entered may be photos, drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, three-dimensional or digital art or mixed media. The competition is judged by a five-member panel of international judges from different areas of the visual arts. Previous winners include Patrick Lee, Hector Silva and Jay Jorgensen. Submissions must be received by July 31; the winners will be announced mid-August and the awards presented in September. Besides the first-place award, which is a numbered lithograph by Tom, the Foundation also gives prizes to the winners, including exhibition opportunities and ToFF memberships. For more info, click here. Now, any new news on that Tom movie bio!?

  • Breaking: Falcon, RSS and Hot House Studios Merge

    Breaking: Falcon, RSS and Hot House Studios Merge

    In a move that sent shockwaves through the gay porn industry, Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion announced yesterday that they have acquired Hot House. According to a press release, this makes the three San Francisco-based studios "the world's largest gay adult production company." It was only three years ago that Falcon and RSS merged. Now, with the retirement of Hot House founder and president Steven Scarborough, the three companies will join forces under the corporate umbrella of the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN), which also owns Naked Sword, and be helmed by Falcon/RSS's current president Chris Ward.

    "We are excited to bring Hot House into the AEBN family of companies," Ward says. "I started my own career at Hot House, so it is very significant for me to bring Steven's company to Falcon/Raging Stallion. We plan to preserve and protect Steven's outstanding legacy and continue filming in the Hot House tradition and style. Just as I worked hard to protect the Falcon legacy after the Falcon/Raging Stallion merger, I intend to make sure that Hot House fans keep getting exactly what they want."

    The award-winning Scarborough, who has worked in the industry for 27 years, had this to say: "Because I came from Falcon and because Chris came from Hot House, I feel this deal is a perfect fit. I reached out to Chris because of our long history together. I am absolutely confident that Chris and his team will continue the Hot House tradition, which is something very, very important to me.... Fans can be assured that the same quality product will be delivered without interruption while remaining faithful to the brand's integrity."

    Current Hot House director Christian Owen will continue to work for the companies, including for its Club Inferno Dungeon fetish imprint. And expansion of the Hot House brand, which includes a more than 300-title catalog, to cable TV through AEBN's Align Broadcast group is also expected.

    Who knows? Maybe someday there'll be one conglomerate that owns all the major gay porn studios and then another that owns all the websites!? Times keep changing, kids.

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    Special Offer: 50% Off Falcon Studios Membership

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  • Bruno Bernal Delivers Hot First Fuck Scene

    Bruno Bernal Delivers Hot First Fuck Scene

    You may have heard rumblings about up-and-comer Bruno Bernal. The tattooed Brazilian hunk is currently making noise for two new scenes and is filming several others. In a solo for UK Naked Men, Bruno jacks while watching a video of Jordan Fox and Jimy Fix as they fuck. But now, in a new scene for Bulldog Pit, we get to see Bernal do the fucking himself. In an edgy domination scenario, the 27-year-old Lebanese-Israeli stud has full-on sex with hairy Pedro Lucas. This scene has a leathery feel to it, as a harness-clad Bruno pounds Pedro's head before sliding his cock into the sub bottom. In the end, a mixture of sweat and jizz coats a satiated Lucas. And newcomer Bernal is onto other big things, including upcoming scenes with both Paul Walker and Mickey Taylor and for studios such as Lads Next Door. For more info, visit Bulldog Pit.

    And for those who are wondering, London-based Bruno told our friends at Queer Me Now blog in a comment that "even if I go around more with men than women, I still have physical attraction for girls too." He also writes that "the only reason why I started porn is my passion for sex, doesn't matter which gender." So does that mean in the future we should look for him on the straight side of the industry? We sure hope not!

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    Special Deal: Lifetime Membership To Fratpad, Just $9.95/mo

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