• Retired Gay Porn Stars Are Immortal

    retired gay porn stars

    Immortal as far as their porn exploits as captured on camera, that is. Nobody can stop me from jacking off to who I want to jack off to, retired or not. But kinda not immortal if it was a forced retirement due to drugs/death, drugs/jail, or, gasp, renouncing porn for religion. Yeah, that last one's for you Jake Genesis.

    Oh wait, after his retirement he came back to porn. He's back and forth like Lindsay Lohan (and they earn about the same paycheck). Someone quick make a Lifetime TV movie starring those two called After the Cum Dries.

    Sadly, there's no Dancing with Porn Stars, where A-List gay porn stars can try to lay claim to mainstream D-list celebrity status. Unless you count the ex-boy banders who've graced the DWTS stage. Joey Fatone did bear porn in 2007, right? Allegedly.

    So what other career options are out there, besides staying in the industry but behind the camera? Francois Sagat has a clothing line and tattoos bald heads in a kiosk a the mall. Or maybe just the clothing line.

    Colton Ford has had some minor dance hits (the big one being Signed, Sealed, Delivered featuring Pepper Mashay who really carried the number). And he has a husband, so there's that. Tag Erikkson, as Fredrik Elkund, was on Million Dollar Listing NY for a few episodes, because he's a million dollar realtor. Good looks carry the day.

    A few guys have had the unfortunate experience of attempting a career in education after porn. I'm sure some have succeeded with no issue, but at least a couple have lost their jobs due to their porn career backgrounds. Hell, women who've done porn get shamed out of jobs like that all the time. It's only fair that the bias be applied equally to men. In all cases, people should only be judged by their current work performance of course. But confidential to these guys: don't list Gang Bang Bottom in Twink Destruction Party Bus on your resume.

    Kurt Wild (aka Calvin Wild and don't you love how the Wild part was part of his real name) has gone on to be a terrible nature photographer. I use the word terrible in jest. A more applicable word may be "unknown" (sorry).

    For all, retiring was always part of the plan. Get some porn credits under your belt and up your escorting fee. Or get doing porn out of your system and just move on to a quiet life behind a desk somewhere. For those guys where porn was always a dalliance, a career after is often just a continuation of the career before. Landscaper. Construction worker. Fireman. Penis model. Oh wait, that last one kind of veers into porn again. See it sucks you right back in.

    The pinnacle of porn retirement would be renaissance man Aiden Shaw. No, not the character on Sex and the City, the porn actor. And he's done it all in his retirement, a real cultural superhero. Except daddy porn. Yeah, I want to see that white beard in action. What's it going to take, Aiden?

  • Lucas Kazan Introduces New Teen Model and Fan Contest

    Lucas Kazan Introduces New Teen Model and Fan Contest

    Lucas Kazan has two new things to crow about. First, there's the latest teenage model to work for the studio. Andrea (above) is an uncut 18-year-old who "epitomizes the splendor of youth," according to director Ettore Tosi. He shot the all-Sicilian athlete, who can do a somersault and "keep it hard for hours." Ah, youth!

    The award-winning company is also launching a new Assistant for a Day contest, which gives new site members the chance to win a visit to a gay porn set in Sicily. Join Ettore and porn stars Leo Domenico, Logan Moore and Raul Korso as they film an upcoming release. Two lucky winners will be flown to Italy and work with the cast and crew for two days.

    Director Lucas Kazan tells GayDemon exclusively that he got the idea for the contest while watching renowned TV quack Dr. Oz. "His show picks an assistant of the day among its live audience," Luca says. "Fans often e-mail us about a chance to visit the set, which remains closed to visitors for obvious reasons. So I thought, What about picking a couple of production assistants amongst our subscribers and rewarding them with a trip to Sicily? We'll see how things go. If the idea resonates with our audience, we're likely to make this an ongoing opportunity, whenever we film on location."

    Sounds like a great chance for a couple of crazed gay porn fans to get up close and personal. For full details, click here. And for more information on Andrea, visit Lucas Kazan.

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  • Killian James Makes Gay Porn Debut for Randy Blue

    Killian James Makes Gay Porn Debut for Randy Blue

    Patrons of NYC escorts know him, but now the world is ready for the award-winning ass of Killian James. Yes, the winner of this year's Hookie Award for Best Bottom is finally making his hard-core debut for Randy Blue. Killian did a solo last month (well, it was him and his dildo), but now gay porn fans can enjoy him and that perfect butt in his first full-fledged sex scene. The surprise here, if there is one, is that James actually flip-flops in this sexy outing with fellow youngun' Justin Owen.

    There's a fun retro feel to the scene (does that explain the oversize teddy bear!? Just asking!) as the set looks like a 1970s dorm room, complete with tacky metallic wallpaper and trashy artwork. Schoolboy Justin is studying when Killian distracts him by showing off his smooth buff body. Of course this leads to mutual sucking and fucking, plus big loads and even snowballing (another nice treat) from each twink. Killian shows lots of potential in his premier duo, and it was definitely worth the wait to see one of Manhattan's top rentboys in action. For more information, visit Randy Blue.

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  • Max Carver Shows His Ass On 'The Leftovers'

    Max Carver Shows His Ass On 'The Leftovers'

    HBO's The Leftovers delivered a treat to us in the form of Teen Wolf star Max Carver show his bare buttocks. What a cute ass he has too!

    Max has nothing to be shy about, although he certainly looked a bit embarrassed in the show. Now, actually finding a sexy butt like that whilst strolling through the woods would be a real treat.

    Max Carver

    Story via Attitude Magazine.

  • It's Finally Here! "The Pack" Black Party Orgy Finale

    It's Finally Here! "The Pack" Black Party Orgy Finale

    We saved the best for last! For those who have been following, The Pack is the latest series from Naked Sword and directrix Mr. Pam. We learned some details of the production last spring in our exclusive interview with newcomer Cam Christou (top photo), who plays the lead. According to Pam, The Pack is "inspired by the models' real lives off camera and the brotherhood they create while traveling around the world together working in the adult industry." A number of scenes from the movie have already been released, including Episode 1: "Derailed" with Leo Forte and Blue Bailey; Episode 2: "Backdoor Fitting" with Boomer Banks and Seven Dixon; and Episode 3: "Lucky Night at the Bloc" with Rafael Alencar and Marcus Isaacs. But what we've been waiting for is finally here: the orgy finale!

    This five-man group scene titled "Rite of Passage" was shot at NYC's infamous Black Party (a first!) last spring. Cam is put to the test as superstar (and superhung!) Banks, Forte, Isaacs and Dixon take turns slamming the tattooed youth and using his filthy mouth for their pleasure. And it's all done live onstage for an appreciative audience of 6,000 horny men. If all that's not enough, a bonus BDSM scene titled "Ritual of Transformation" featuring Banks, Forte, Isaacs, Christou and Dirk Caber is included too. If you've never experienced the Black Party for yourself, The Pack finale is a must-see! For more information, visit Naked Sword.

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  • Special Offer: 50% Off Raging Stallion!

    Special Offer: 50% Off Raging Stallion!

    Don't miss this exclusive offer to GayDemon readers this weekend. Get your Raging Stallion membership with 50% off the regular price by entering promo code RAGING50OFF when you signup. Claim this offer below!

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  • Mike De Marko Makes (Hairless) Hot House Debut

    Mike De Marko Makes (Hairless) Hot House Debut

    We followed his every hairy move in Channel 1 Releasing's stunning Sentenced series. So imagine our shock to see sexy Mike De Marko turn up in his Hot House debut looking as smooth as a Helix twink. But it's true! In the second scene from director Christian Owen's Horseplay, Mike appears in a steamy threeway with Brandon Jones and Dylan Knight.

    So, what happened to all that glorious fur!? "Hot House prefers a smooth athletic look, so they requested that I shave for this scene," Mike tells GayDemon exclusively. "I prefer some scruff and light body hair, but generally not as much as most of those who prefer me hairy." Woof! Oh well, we forgive him. Especially when he bottoms so beautifully for both studs. "I had a blast working with Brandon and Dylan," De Marko adds. "Brandon's an amazing performer, and I have to admit I developed a bit of a crush on Dylan while we were shooting this scene." It shows! And fur fans can relax; Mike grew it all back for his second HH scene, co-starring Brock Avery. Horseplay also features Armond Rizzo and David Lambert. For more information on both scenes, visit Hot House.

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  • Blake Skjellerup Talks About Coming Out

    Blake Skjellerup Talks About Coming Out

    Olympian speedskater and New Zealand's gay games ambassador, Blake Skjellerup, is interviewed by CleveScene and tells how coming out of the closet has impacted his life:

    That's what was hard, I felt it starting to weigh on me. I felt the pressure weighing on my performance. And once I came out, I felt that weight lifted off my shoulders, I just needed to be a good athlete. A coach, an administrator, a dean of a college or university needs to think about that: If this is going to be affecting my sports team, they'll learn to make it an encouraging environment for LGBT athletes.

    Photo credit: teamm8

  • Veteran Star Brent Corrigan Signs With Falcon Group

    Veteran Star Brent Corrigan Signs With Falcon Group

    It's no shock that Falcon is signing a new exclusive. Falcon and its merged studios (Raging Stallion and Hot House) have signed many, many exclusives in the past month. What is shocking is who the latest Falcon Group exclusive is: Brent Corrigan! The onetime teen gay porn star has dropped in and out of the industry during his storied career. (Brent is a six-time GAYVN award winner and has his own signature toyline with Fleshjack.) But now, following flirtations with mainstream projects (using his real name Sean Paul Lockhart), appearing at events like this and riding horses, Corrigan is back to doing what he does best. In a press release, the studio announced that "the new Brent Corrigan" will be filming two scenes in the coming weeks with fellow exclusives Sean Zevran and Brian Bonds.

    "I've always marveled at Falcon's legacy," Corrigan says in a statement. "After decades in the gay porn business, it remains the best studio in the industry, with top-tier casting and the highest production quality around. As a perfectionist, Falcon is the kind of place where I will thrive. These guys really know what it takes to set up their models for success. On a Falcon set, I know I'm in good hands. I'm thrilled to have a new family: this is going to be fun!"

    Look for the premiere of Corrigan's scene with Zevran on September 19 and his duo with Bonds on October 3. Hopefully he'll fix his hair by then! For more info, visit Falcon Studios.

  • Nick Capra and Armond Rizzo Headline Icon Male Debut Title

    Nick Capra and Armond Rizzo Headline Icon Male Debut Title

    When it comes to priests and gay porn, it's hard to beat Mike Donner's 1996 classic Our Trespasses. Who can forget the cover image of sexy Drew Andrews in his priest's collar clutching his rosary beads and hunky Scott Baldwin? But writer-director Nica Noelle is undaunted as she takes on the gay clergy taboo in her first film for the new Icon Male studio. Forgive Me Father gives viewers a look inside the confessional booth, where naughty guys confess their gay sex secrets.

    Comeback kid Nick Capra stars as a guilt-ridden teacher who falls in love with his younger (and shorter) student (Armond Rizzo, both pictured above and after the jump). "I'm honored to be in any project with Nica Noelle's name attached to it," Capra tells GayDemon exclusively. "I have respect for her aesthetics. And she's the only director I've worked with in 12 years in the industry who allows the performers to direct their own sex. This makes the work much more passionate and much less formulaic."

    Also on board for Forgive Me Father is big-name (and big-dicked) talent such as Tommy Defendi, Trenton Ducati, Casey Tanner, Ty Roderick, Seth Santoro and Lance Hart (as a former priest). "I grew up very Catholic," Nica reveals in a statement, "and I've been to confession quite a bit, so I make it as authentic as possible." Noelle, who previously directed for Rock Candy Films, calls her Icon Male releases "some of my best work to date."

    Montreal-based Icon Male is a subsidiary of Mile High Online, which predominantly produces straight product. The studio is calling Icon Male its "gay romance line," and upcoming titles include Forbidden Encounters (out now, starring Ty Roderick and Adam Russo), a World War II period piece titled Prisoners of War and Men Seeking Men. For more information, visit AEBN.

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