• Will Jarec Wentworth Sell Out Jimmy Fanz in New Web Series?

    Will Jarec Wentworth Sell Out Jimmy Fanz in New Web Series?

    Love for sale...or at least sex! That seems to be the theme of award-winner Marc MacNamara's latest effort for Men.com. In Men for Sale, the talented writer-director tackles the hot-button topic of human sex trafficking. No, we're not going to bore you with some lame statistics about this serious subject. Instead, we're going to tell you about how hot Jimmy Fanz looks as his hairy hole gets plowed by new Men exclusive Jarec Wentworth. (According to our records, Jarec was previously Jarek for Sean Cody, but that's all in the past now, as is his brief stint with Randy Blue.)

    In this suspense-driven scenario, Jimmy and Jarec are tourists visiting New York City. At their hotel, the boyfriends have an intense sex session, including kissing, sucking and fucking in every position. But then Jimmy ventures out by himself in the Big (Rotten) Apple and is snatched by ring of evil sex traffickers and sold into slavery (maybe they're attracted to his funky sideburns and '70 porn 'stache!?).

    This intense scene is Part 1 of a three-part series. Upcoming segments promise beefy blond Tom Faulk as a helpful detective and dirty daddy Dirk Caber as a possible bad guy. (And keep your eyes peeled for a Hitchcockian cameo from MacNamara himself.) More sex sales are on the way. Ka-ching! For more information, visit Men.com.

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  • Squirt.org celebrates 15 years of gay hookups

    Squirt.org celebrates 15 years of gay hookups

    Some of our blog's favourite pornstars are up to something exciting tomorrow night (Thursday 19th) and it is only dutiful to let you know where!

    Squirt.org is celebrating their anniversary and throwing a party to celebrate 15 years of helping guys hookup online. Happy 15th birthday Squirt.org! Fly Nightclub is the venue in the wonderful city of Toronto @ 10pm. If you're lucky enough to be nearby, or rich enough to jet in then do. Best of all, Squirt.org members get in free; just show your profile at the door.

    Fly Nightclub has two darkrooms and Squirt.org are giving away prizes during the evening. The 'celebrity guestlist so far includes: Adam Russo, Cutler X (oh boy!), Jon Shield, Marc Angelo, Rogue Status and ABeardedBoy.

    Fly Nightclub: 8 Gloucester Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada 416-410-5426.

    Guestlist Squirt.org 15th anniversary

  • Pornstar BFs JP Dubois and Sam Barclay Become 'Extras'

    JP Dubois Tweet about Cucumber

    Long-term boyfriends and well-known UK pornstars JP Dubois and Sam Barclay are to star as extras in a new TV show for Channel 4, 'Cucumber'. The news comes as they Tweeted their foray into mainstream TV.

    'Cucumber' and 'Banana' are two new series by writer Russell T Davies and are the first since his award winning UK TV series Queer As Folk in 2000. The show will examine "the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay life".

    Both JP Dubois and Sam Barclay have filmed an enormous amount of porn movies across the world. We hope that venturing into mainstream film production won't take them away from gay porn, but we'll be excited to see just how extra they are!

  • Andrew Stark Is Signed As New Falcon Exclusive

    Andrew Stark Is Signed As New Falcon Exclusive

    Following successful stints with Corbin Fisher, Randy Blue and Men.com, sexy Andrew Stark is joining Falcon Studios as an exclusive model. The 28-year-old smooth stud, who is based in Denver and also works as an airbrush artist, will be making his studio debut in the new Falcon Edge release, Intensity, Part 1.

    "I'm grateful to be given the opportunity to work for the best in the business, Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios," Stark said in a statement. "When [Falcon/RSS president] Chris Ward offered to sign me as an exclusive, I couldn't think of a studio I'd rather be working with. They are a first-class operation putting out top-quality work. I look forward to making more great movies like my debut."

    In the film, which is co-directed by Bruno Bond and Nick Foxx, Stark is paired with woofy Chris Bines (pictured after the jump). "Andrew Stark definitely shows why he was asked to be an exclusive in the first part of Intensity," Bond says. "Fans can expect a film packed from start to finish with our hot, talented cast engaging in passionate, connected sex." Landon Conrad, Connor Maguire, Rylan Knox, Adrian Hart, Jack King and Darius Ferdynand join Stark and Bines in four tight scenes.

    But is it just us or is this new Falcon Edge imprint looking less edgy with every release!? Intensity, Part 1 is set at a glamorous mansion with dramatic staircases and chandeliers and stunning bedrooms and bathrooms. It's pretty but hardly piggy! For more information, visit Falcon Studios.

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  • Armond Rizzo Turns On Electric Butt Plug

    Armond Rizzo Turns On Electric Butt Plug

    It's said that as we get older, we get kinkier. Well, fresh-faced porn star Armond Rizzo seems to be maturing on a daily basis! It was just the other week that we wrote about little Armond making his big fisting debut for Fisting Central. (We also learned last week that he's a four-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, but we digress.) Now, Bound Jocks has the Season 4 So You Think You Can Fuck contestant plugging himself with an electric butt plug! Maybe we're imagining it, but doesn't adorable Armond look as happy as a pig in shit as he experiments with this electric sex toy (not to be confused with this electric sex toy!)?

    In the solo scene, which is a sort of continuation of a recent Bound Jocks kink duo between Rizzo and newcomer Joseph Rough, Armond sneaks back on set alone and ties his ankles together. Then he controls the pulses of electricity from the toy to jolt his own eager hole. This motorized gadget has various speeds that crank higher and higher, along with Armond's moans as he rides it and jacks to completion all over himself. No shock there! For more information, visit Bound Jocks.

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  • Colby Keller Hits The Road, With You?

    Gay pornstar, blogger and artist, Colby Keller, has given away all his earthly possessions and left his home in Baltimore in pursuit of a new and exciting venture. He's hitting the road with just a van, mattress, camera and modest subsistence to fuck the great nations of US and Canada.

    Say what!? Yep. Colby Keller is travelling North America to fuck guys, film it and put his sexual adventures on his blog, Big Shoe Diaries. But he can't do it without some help ($35,000 goal!), and here's where you can be a part of it.

    You may be lucky enough to afford a fuck out of Colby on his road trip! Unfortunately the price tag on that is a bit beyond most of our capabilities. However, you can help simply by getting our beloved fuck star a bite to eat. Donations to his new project earn you all sorts of perks depending on the amount you give. For example, $20 gets you a signed Colby Keller oversized photo postcard, and $11,000 gets you that well-coveted fuck. I'm pretty sure if you're hot, though, Colby will plow you anyway and stick the video up for the world to see!

    Help Colby feed our lust for real porn by donating in any way you can!

    Colby Keller

  • Jake Bass Crowned Favorite Gay Porn Star By TLAgay

    Jake Bass Crowned Favorite Gay Porn Star By TLAgay

    We've never been big on sports, but the mention of a "Tournament of Hoses" sure got our attention. This turned out to be a contest sponsored by TLAgay.com in which the gay adult retail site pitted two groups of gay porn stars (16 current versus 16 classic) against one another in hopes of finding gay porn's favorite star. TLA customers and gay porn fans voted online in several "brackets" (that's a sports term used in...basketball!?) to narrow the field. After a tight race that went on for a month, a winner has been announced: Jake Bass! The tattooed Cocky Boys exclusive beat Bel Ami superstar Lukas Ridgeston. "His fans are ferociously loyal," says Erik Schut, TLAgay managing director. "They powered him to this win in the final round of voting."

    In a statement, pouty porn star Bass said of his victory: "Well, what else can I do but thank my immense Twitter base and incredibly devoted fans for voting. I actually didn't see myself winning, what with all the big boys I was up against--hah! But I'm so happy for the recognition, and I'm finally seeing that it's not about how many followers you have--it's how devoted and loyal they are."

    Those fans are sure to be salivating for Bass's latest Cocky Boys release, a steamy flip-flop fuck with Connor Maguire. In the scene, there's some trading of blowjobs before the guys, who are obviously hot for each other, get right to the fucking. Jake is on his back as Connor rams into him while holding on to Jake's underwear. Then Connor (in a rare bottoming turn) sits on Jake's cock before bending over to take it doggy-style. Next, Jake rides Connor so hard that he pops all the way to Connor's handsome face. Soon after, Connor pumps out his own big jizz all over his beefy chest. Looks like they're both winners here! For more information, visit Cocky Boys.

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  • Bravo Delta Gets Kinky With Deviant Otter

    Bravo Delta Gets Kinky With Deviant Otter

    There's not much that Deviant Otter can do to surprise us. This gonzo gay porn star, aka Devin Totter, who launched his site a couple of months ago, is already making a name for himself by producing edgy content that pushes the boundaries of pleasure (was he really doing party drug molly in a recent double-penetration clip!?) and pain (those sounding scenes...ouch!). But what's surprising about his latest release, "Poppers, Piss and Perverts," is his co-star.

    Onetime Cocky Boys exclusive Bravo Delta agreed to film with Deviant Otter after Totter approached him on social media. Now, pint-size Delta has never been known for his exciting on-screen performances. From his early days as a shady XTube soloist to his self-conscious work with Cocky Boys, this nerdy furball has always been fairly awkward and bland (perhaps because he declines to identify as gay, instead giving some vague percentage of his homo/hetero makeup). Well, that all changes with this scene. Maybe it's Devin teaching him how to use poppers that unleashes the wild man. But the shocking thing here is that the gap-toothed geek, who is a brainy engineer in real life, actually seems to be enjoying himself. Whether he has his head buried deep in Totter's ass, eating as if it's his last meal, or is pissing in his mouth as Totter gargles with it while smoking a (crack!?) cigarette. There's also a fisting sequence and hard-core fucking with Bravo on top (Totter screaming, "It really hurts!" adds a certain realism to the scenario).

    In the press notes, Devin writes, "Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected. I'm used to seeing him in a more 'vanilla' light online, so I was shocked when he said he would be into some rough assplay and piss. Needless to say, after a few adult beverages I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore his more deviant side." Hmmm, so maybe it was the booze that makes them both look so wasted!?

    For more information, visit Deviant Otter.

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  • Hunky James Castle Is New Kristen Bjorn Exclusive

    Hunky James Castle Is New Kristen Bjorn Exclusive

    Kristen Bjorn is introducing the latest stud in its exclusive stable. The studio has revealed that James Castle, who just made his gay porn debut in Casting Couch 327 (have they really produced more than 300 entries in this popular series!?), hails from the United Kingdom. The 25-year-old hairless hunk stands six-feet-tall, is versatile and happily single. What more do you need to know? Castle is packing 8.5 inches of uncut cock. Oh, and his sexual fantasy is to be in a sling. Make a note.

    In his first scene, James is joined by tattooed hottie Rainer (after the jump), who initiates him with soft, romantic kisses. This leads to hot mutual oral and hotter flip-flop fucking. Not bad for a first-timer! According to Kristen Bjorn, this "handsome, sexy and intelligent young man" is scheduled to appear in "many new projects, some already in the works and some still being developed." Great. Now get that sling ready! For more information, visit Kristen Bjorn.

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  • Seth Fornea to Be Toast of Gay Wine Weekend 2014

    Seth Fornea to Be Toast of Gay Wine Weekend 2014

    It's time to drink wine with gay porn stars in Northern California again! The annual Out in the Vineyard gay wine weekend is taking place from Friday, June 13, to Sunday, June 15, in the picturesque Sonoma Valley. Once again, COLT Studio Group is co-sponsoring three days of LGBT wine country events. This year, COLT up-and-comer Seth Fornea (we're still patiently waiting for his on-screen fucking debut!) and boyfriend Jared Bradford LeBlanc will be attending and raising a glass to fans at a tony private estate. (Trenton Ducati and JR Bronson were the featured talent at last year's event.) Among the activities, there will be a champagne brunch, a wine tasting, a pool party, a cabaret performance from RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Honey Mahogany, a twilight T-dance with DJ Corey Craig and a "Gay Wine Auction" (What makes a wine gay? And where can we buy some!?) that benefits Face to Face, Sonoma County AIDS Network. Sounds like a boozy good time! For more information, visit Out in the Vineyard.

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