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Every once in a while, I stumble across a video so hot that I can almost feel the burn coming off my computer monitor. This week, UK Naked Men released Priest, and get ready to go to hell because this video will have the Pope griping his chest and you fisting your hard cock. Dean Monroe plays a priest who is struggling with his sinful thoughts of men. He heads into the confessional to cleanse his soul. But as he spills out his words, he confesses that he's been thinking of the father himself.

And who wouldn't? Dillon Buck is handsome. It'd be hard not to let one's mind drift towards dirty possibilities. Dillon and Dean end up down in the basement of this monastery. A dark, alcove where many of the priests go to fulfill their sinful desires, hoping that buried deep in the monastery's underbelly that God won't see their sin.

He might not see it, but he sure must have heard it. Dillon Buck drives his fat 9.5-inch cock into Dean Monroe's hungry ass. Gently and passionately at first, but then forcefully as if he's trying to fuck the sin out of this dirty priest. Dean takes his punishment like a trooper, but his cries and moans surely must have woken God from his slumber. Then down on his knees, this priest willingly accepts the father's big splash of cum all over his face. Is that how they're doing communion these days? Oh my, I feel dirty. I feel as though I'd better head off to confession, and I'm not even Catholic.

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