Foreskin Man

Avoiding the obvious "Is it a plane...?" I'd like to introduce you to Foreskin Man. Holy Hard-ons - it's a comic strip in the style of your favorite 1950's DC and Marvel action graphic novels and illustrations. These are ongoing adventures of superheroes and arch villains, brilliantly drawn and completely off the wall. You click through the episodes a frame at a time - that is, panel to panel - or you can read page to page as you follow the adventures of our ripped, blonde, yellow caped hero, who does bear a bit of a resemblance to Superman, but only in that he wears a lot of bulging blue.

This wonderful diversion from real life is brought to us by the very talented Matthew Hess, the writer and editor (and I assume illustrator?), and the albums are presented via Picasa and Google Plus by the look of it; it is easy to browse through them, they are intelligently written, not gratuitous, and you are able to leave comments, and run slideshows. There's a definite anti-circumcision message, as well. There are only three editions so far but that's 44 pages of full color, exciting action with surprisingly no sex for a site with this name; this is not a 'toon' or 'Anime' site. It's a place for discerning action hero comic fans.

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