Flashback: Vintage for the Win Flashback: Vintage for the Win

I'm thinking this stuff looked vintage even when it was in the present. Like folks just knew it was a certain moment in sexual time. From the decor to the hairstyles, to the fashions. To the hair that looked like shag carpeting and the shag carpeting that did a great job at absorbing semen.

Nudity has never not been in style and will never go out of style.

I'm tempting fate with that. Perhaps at some point nudity will be the default and what will be sexually arousing is being fully dressed. I plan to time travel there, and put some clothes on. In public. Scandalous.

Now forgive me while I pause with fascination at the design on that surfboard. It's so '70s I think if I look close I can make out a rerun of Good Times.

Dy-no-mite! That was the catchphrase anyhow.

Now all these flashbacks of course go back to various eras in which horrible things were also happening, so I think part of the excitement is picking out the naked guy part. Like, hey, that's the '70s, a naked guy with center-parted hair, straddling on a surfboard.. Well, it's not like I'm going to get excited looking at a picture of Nixon. Though put him naked on a surfboard and. Um, never mind on that one.

Let's leave the nude poses to the experts and the masturbation to us all right now. Because that's how these guys would want it. Take the best out of what you find in the past and use it now. Hell, maybe the guy on the surfboard is your next door neighbor right now. He's probably somebody's. 

Now excuse me why I knock on some doors. 

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