Flashback: Frisky Fellas Flashback: Frisky Fellas

These guys are having a good old time. Posing, wrestling, flexing, cocking a bow. Bowing a cock. 

Oh hell, it's all posing. None of it's real. Except the $15 each earned which was like a million. Plus those that escorted could call themselves a porn star and raise their rates. When did that start to happen exactly? Guys calling themselves porn stars. I"m thinking 1974.

And before that, the word was "holy fuck that guy's amazing who is he I want him now" which doesn't fit well on a driver's license but it's the truth.

In the early days of physique mags, I think the wrestling was just a softcore excuse for guys to make body contact. Not like the wrestling sites of today, which are a hardcore destination. Though softcore still has its place: World Wrestling Entertainment, the Olympics, my living room.

Naked archery is not necessarily a practical sport. Do I think he shot an actual arrow? Nope, just pretending he released it a split second prior. Acting! And budget saving.

Now naked arm wrestling is an excellent sports idea. If only to leave the guys vulnerable to being tickled. Fun and smart to piss off muscle guys, isn't it?

I piss them off sometimes by flirting while not being one of them. Pursuing the unattainable. Some things never go out of style. 

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