Flashback: Call Me Flashback: Call Me

Ok, that's the infamous John Holmes, so probably don't want him to call me back then. Or his dick could call me but that's it. His dick can do a lot of things, like dial a phone. And pole vault.

I wonder if back then posing nude wasn't as risky a proposition. Considering the images really may not have been seen as potentially permeating the gay ether. Though folks didn't necessarily consider the whole internet thing in 1981. Or even '87. Or '91.

Still I'm sure some folks got fired when they got porn outed. Ironically by someone who saw the porn. Like someone's boss said, fuck you posed in porn I'm firing you. After watching the porn. Yes, that has happened. Though here's what would be better.

Boss watches the porn and gives the guy a raise. Saying he really wants his employee to have a better work life balance so maybe work a few less hours and spend more time making porn. Yeah, it's win win.

What would also be win win would be the guy in middle left in my ass and the guy at bottom left in my mouth. And the guy at bottom right doing my dishes. 

My dishes require strength and a tan line. Don't yours?

Now I"m wondering what the '10s vintage porn look will be perceived as 25 years from now. Or is it so varied that who knows? Probably the vintage part about it is that it's not 3D.

Time will tell.

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