Flashback: Black & White vs. Color Flashback: Black & White vs. Color

The grayscale pics make the color ones look more color and the color pics make the grayscale look more 1974. And that couch makes me sick. Yeah, it blows my mind that the people in the actual real world who were photographed (and the backgrounds) were color, including their dickheads, but captured in black and white which now looks forever vintage. 

This should not blow my mind, but because I think of these folks as surreal, anything that brings them more into focus, such as color, trips me out. And still, that couch. Ouch. And that dick? Double ouch, potentially.

I am clearly not a scientist with a complete understanding of the physics of color. But I do know that I would not mind a day of seeing the world in shades of gray. See if the world would feel different. Would a cute guy seems less intimidating or more? What would ejaculate  look like on a light blue shirt, if that even is a light blue shirt?

And can I be in color and have sex with a guy while he's in grayscale? There have got to be grayscale glasses to help with that. Yeah, I get some people have color vision conditions where that's not a novelty. But maybe I want the world to feel like a vintage porn shoot sometimes. 

Of course, just off camera is a paper plate loaded with some Tab and stale Twinkies. The pure, naked glamour of it all.

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