Duct Taped to the Bed & Gang Banged Duct Taped to the Bed & Gang Banged

One of the guys living in the Fraternity X dorm picked up this guy at the student union building and invited him back to the house to hang out and drink some beer. This guy had no idea that he'd eventually end up down on his knees sucking Ryan's dick. This cocksucker didn't even seem to mind when a couple of the other dorm mates circled around him and pulled out their meat, too.

But after servicing a mess a dick, things went south for this poor bastard. One of the guys asked about fucking this cocksucker's ass. "No way! I don't do that," he said. Well you do now. The frat house guys grabbed this dude and duct taped him to the bed face down. A piece of duct tape across his shoulders, another across the small of his back, and finally, another band to keep his feet still -- this guy can't do much except lie there and brace himself. One after another, the other three guys mount him and shoves their hard dicks into his virgin ass. Who knows what happened to this guy when they creamed his ass, these dorm buddies walked out of the room and left this cum-soaked bottom taped to the bed. Maybe they came back for another round.

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