Does the Size of a Guy's Dick Matter? Does the Size of a Guy's Dick Matter?

Does size matter? For me the answer is: It depends. Yes, it matters to a point. If I'm going to all the trouble of preparing to get fucked, then I want to feel like I did. That's not likely to happen with a 4-inch cock poking around back there -- unless it's 6 or 7 inches around. By the same token, a 10-inch monster cock can be too damned much work. I'm much more flexible orally. And frankly, sometimes a not-so-hung guy is much more exciting to blow than a guy who thinks his huge penis is the axis on which the earth turns. Yawn! If it's so fantastic, then why don't you blow yourself?

Dean has dropped by Spunkworthy three times to get his dick taken care of, and this week makes number four. This 25-year-old, open-minded straight guy has gotten a handjob in his first video and played with a small dildo in each of his following scenes. When Jason didn't hear back from Dean, he figured the dildo crossed the "open-minded" line. But six months later, this muscled stud is sitting back on Jason's couch and he's saved up a one-week cum load.

Dean's cock is about 5.5 inches, which like I said, I don't mind so much when I'm blowing a guy and don't feel like spraining a lip. No, Dean's got the perfect-sized dick to stuff all the way in your mouth. He loves the deep throating, you've got a dick in your mouth, it's a win-win. So Jason sucks Dean's cock, rubs his very ripped abs, and even fingers the stud's furry butt hole. And then he blows Dean to the finish line.

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