Dimitri Denied His Climax Dimitri Denied His Climax

Dimitri is one of those guys who insists that he's straight, but at the same time he likes the money he can make by giving his cock up for some stroking by a horny dude. That's exactly what the tight-bodied hottie gets in this edging session; his tasty boner being stroked and played with over and over, taken to the limit and about to unload before... he's left to stew in his own juices! He needs to cum so bad after all the slippery stroking he's had, but with his hands tied he just can't get himself off! Finally Dimitri's allowed to cum and given some more jerking to get him there. But just when he's about to experience that intense orgasm from a long edge session he's left drooling and twitching, his dick oozing cum and unloading without that final jerk to make him really empty those nuts!. That's what straight guys get at Slow Teasing Handjobs for not asking permission to cum.

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