Daddy Likes Playing with Ice Daddy Likes Playing with Ice

Luciano is a 60-year-old daddy who likes playing with younger guys. He's fucked three guys on Hot Older Male before and he's back in a new scene with 27-year-old Billy Jackson. And this daddy is one of the most popular they've ever featured on the site, members love this older man. This fourth scene is his hottest video yet, but it's "cool" too.

Businessman Luciano returns to his hotel room. It's a hot day and he's exhausted. He turns on the air conditioner, orders a bucket of ice from the front desk, and lies back on the bed in his shirt, tie, and dress slacks and relaxes. When Billy arrives with the ice, Luciano tells him to put it on the nightstand. And with an approving look from this daddy, Billy helps himself to a fistful of dick through Luciano's trousers.

And Luciano shows why he's such a hot daddy with the younger guys. With Billy naked on the bed, Luciano uses one ice cube after another on the boy's butt hole, his cock, and nipples. Daddy drives Billy crazy when he shoves an ice cube up the boy's ass. Then the older man warms up Billy's hole with his big cock and fucks him all over that bed. Billy cums lying on his back with Luciano drilling his ass. He rises his hips and legs high in the air and cums in his own mouth! And this silver daddy lies back stroking his dick while Billy kisses him to a creamy finish. Luciano coats his big round belly with a thick load of semen.

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