Cy Discovers that He Can Cum from a Blowjob Cy Discovers that He Can Cum from a Blowjob

I'm a legs and ass man, so I go nuts for a hot pair of furry legs or butt. And 21-year-old Cy has both. He has filmed quite a number of times with Spunkworthy, starting off with the standard jack-off video, then a massage turned into a blowjob, and his third scene was full-on getting fucked by another guy, which Spunkworthy has started doing from time to time.

A few weeks back Cy did a "qwickie" for the site and that's when a guy drops by just to jack off. A lot of these guys have room mates or girlfriends, so sometimes they just want a place to go and unload their nuts. And since site owner Jason pays them for doing a video, its' a win-win for everyone.

Jason has already sucked Cy's dick before, but after Cy did his last "qwickie," Jason was hungering for another round. Plus, members love Cy's his furry butt and thighs too and they've been asking to see him again. Cy wasn't sure about doing a blowjob video because he says it's hard from him to cum from oral. But Cy wasn't counting on Jason sticking a finger up his ass and finding his magic button. Did Cy have trouble cumming from a blowjob? Nope. He even unloaded on Jason's tongue.

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