Cum On My Hole Then Push It Back In Cum On My Hole Then Push It Back In

The Sketchy Sex guys are at it again, or should I say, as usual! Fucking each other, or any hungry, unprotected hole - indiscriminately, and bareback of course!

In today's episode we catch up with three guys in the frat lounge room. On one side of the room we can see that one guy is kneeling over a sofa and getting his butt hole fucked by another guy with a big raw cock; while on the other side of the room the third guy is all alone, but naked and very horny - in fact the poor lad is so desperate for something up his butt that he's fucking himself with a big, fat, black dildo! We then pan back to the couple fucking on the sofa, and can see our bottom lad is watching porn on his mobile phone, and all the while begging the top to fuck harder and deeper! Eventually tho, the top needs to cum, so he pulls his long cock out and the camera moves in for a close up as he spews his cum load all over the bottoms arsehole, then the still horny bottom says "stick it back in ..." and naturally the still hard and horny top does exactly that and recommences his rhythmic fucking of the now cum lubricated hole! These guys, and their cum hungry holes, are simply insatiable!

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