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I always thought it was odd that a site called Circle Jerk Boys never had any actual circle jerks. When the site first opened years ago, they had lots of guys jacking off and sometimes a couple doing a side-by-side stroking. But they only had a handful of multiple-guy circle jerks. Then for years, nothing really but sucking and fucking.

Circle Jerk Boys was sold recently and the new owners seem to be taking the site back to its roots, which is some of the best news I've had in months. Watching guys in stroking competitions is hot, it's such a turn-on seeing them checking each other out to see who has the bigger cock, and who can cum the quickest or the most. Circle Jerk Boys is still filming guys jacking, sucking, and fucking, but since the new owners came on board they've released three new circle jerk videos -- two with three guys and one with five guys.

The five-guy circle jerk is the most interesting because it's called Glazed Muffin and has five guys in a cumshot contest. With a muffin sitting on a table in front of the couch, the five naked guys crammed onto the sofa are told to start jacking their dicks, and the last one to shoot his load on the muffin has to eat it. Which one of these poor bastards gets stuck eating the glazed muffin? You'll have fun finding out.

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