Chaturbate with GayDemon: Public Sex Chaturbate with GayDemon: Public Sex

Man, this couple was totally going at it on Chaturbate tonight. Those first six pics are them. From making out to rimming to humping crack. They did everything except play tiddlywinks. Unless tiddlywinks switched from being a dumb game to a sex act and nobody told me.

And no, they weren't in the middle of a mall or their front yard or a new iPhone line outside of an Apple store. But it was still public sex because cams make stuff public. Or, okay, semi-public. So the next time someone invites you to have semi-public sex, you'll know what he means.

It is also officially okay to get more turned on by showing off on cam with your sex partner than you would without the cam. Relationships always have an element of performance about them, so this is not exactly different. The cam just means that all those folks who are watching are visually, but not physically, invited into your space.

Still, I wonder if cams didn't exist, if there would be more in-person voyeurism and exhibitionism. At least some of the guys who show off online would do it in-person too, at least the subset who are doing it for sexual, non-capitalistic, thrills. Nothing is stopping them from doing it in-person and online after all.

And probably some guys who would never do it in-person are doing it online. So it all balances out. Especially when two guys are so damn into each other and the moment you can feel it.

Head to Chaturbate now, where you can watch public sex in private. And, if you're dick tells you to, you can turn your cam on and broadcast yourself while you're watching other cams. Just don't be surprised if you get sucked into a sexual black hole. Isn't naked physics awesome?

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