Chaturbate with GayDemon: Hot Jackers Chaturbate with GayDemon: Hot Jackers

Hot jackers going up and down all night long on Chaturbate. Fueled by everyone who's watching. Knowing guys out there in the internet ether are matching them stroke for stroke.

You know how dance music has 128+ beats per minute? The rhythms and vocals repeat, enveloping you in the continuous present. One moment the same as the next. Until crescendo hits and the next song starts mixing in. Well jacking off on cam for strangers, 128+ strokes per minute, is the continuous present too. A sexual bubble punctuated by a chat window full of either gushing admiration or silence. But the most important stat is the number of viewers in the room.

Chaturbate is a DIY peep show. It's surreal. And it's the future. Maybe I'll Chaturbate and meet my husband on there? Yeah, maybe I'll be discovered and become famous. Or maybe I'll blast some cum out full body full face and make some guys cum just watching me. Yeah, maybe I'll do that? Chaturbate's a nice and sweet way to be a whore. Minus the cold and the pimps and the streets. Do you think when folks started calling prostitution the oldest profession, they had webcams in mind?

I guess that makes Chaturbate the newest oldest profession. Or fun sideline. Yeah, being a hot jack puppet. Sweet hobby. Being a puppet. Hot fucking muscle puppet. Hot fucking hung squirting puppet. Hot Chaturbate jackers. Plug in to Chaturbate.

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